Pistol CZ P-07 SR

Another compact model in this popular series that follows the latest trends of having an extended, threaded muzzle for the easy and reliable installation of a suppressor.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    130x37x207 mm
  • Barrel length
    115 mm
  • Weight with empty magazine [g]
  • Caliber
    9 x 19
  • Magazine capacity
  • Sights
  • Trigger
    SA/ DA
  • Frame
    Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
  • Safety features
    Safety notch on the hammer | Decocker/ Manual safety | Firing pin block
  • Size
  • Thread
    1/2 “× 28 UNEF - 3A
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    SA: 21 N DA: 44 ± 2 N
  • Trigger travel [mm]
    SA: 10 ± 1 DA: 13 ± 2
  • Trigger reset [mm]
    7 ± 1

Files to download

Product Testimonial

20. 3. 2022 15:23
10 / 10
Brett Zavodney
Ever since getting my hands on a CZ75, I now employ CZ handguns exclusively. I recently picked up a P-07 tactical for CCW and I absolutely love it. The ergo, mag capacity, and trigger feel are all that I could ask for in a carry gun. Then when I get home, I attach my light to it and it becomes a home defense weapon. All in all, among all the other great handguns that come from CZ, I specifically love my P-07 because it is a do-it-all gun, that I absolutely trust my life with.

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