Pistols CZ 75 series

Today’s CZ 75 pistols are a bridge between the famous tradition of yesteryear’s CZ and its super-modern present. All models of this series utilize the extremely simple and reliable OMEGA trigger mechanism. Standard features of CZ 75 pistols include advanced ergonomics, absolute reliability, high magazine capacity and exceptional accuracy.

Main features of the CZ 75 series

Ambidextrous controls

Ambidextrous controls of the manual safety or decocker cater to both right- and left-handed shooters.

Ergonomic rubber grips

Secure, firm and adhesive grip in hand, even with a wet palm.

Extended, easily adjustable magazine release

Convenient magazine release with extended stem is easily adjustable for right or left hand use.

Shaped magazine lips

The double-column magazine with a single-column mouth allows for slimmer firearm design and faster reloading times.

High magazine capacity

Carry a few extra rounds in the extended magazine with the ergonomic butt plate, which increases magazine capacity to the maximum without significantly increasing firearm height.

Front and rear cocking serrations

Front and rear cocking serrations allow for comfortable and safe handling of the slide.

MIL-STD-1913 rail

Attach a flashlight, laser pointer or both to the MIL-STD-1913 rail.

Barrel axis optimization

Optimized barrel axis positioning and weight distribution provide refined operation, low muzzle rise and reduced recoil.
Height x Width x Length
ico Height x Width x Length
Barrel length
ico Barrel length
Weight with empty magazine [g]
ico Weight with empty magazine [g]
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
ico Sights
ico Trigger
ico Frame
ico Grips
Safety features
ico Safety features
ico Size
Trigger Pull Weight
ico Trigger Pull Weight
Trigger travel [mm]
ico Trigger travel [mm]
Trigger reset [mm]
ico Trigger reset [mm]
144x36,5x208 mm 114 mm 1170 9 x 19 16 Luminescent SA/ DA Steel Polymer Safety notch on the hammer | Manual safety | Firing pin block Full-size SA: 20 N DA: 46 N SA: 9 ± 1 DA: 15 ± 1 6-7
135x38x184 mm 92,5 mm 800 9 x 19 15 Luminescent SA/ DA Aluminium alloy Rubber Safety notch on the hammer | Manual safety | Firing pin block Compact SA: 20 N DA: 46 N SA: 9 ± 1 DA: 15 ± 1 6-7

Product Testimonial

3. 9. 2020 16:27
10 / 10
Paul Wilson
A great compact pistol. It retains all the fantastic ergonomics of the full sizes pistols but is delivered in a smaller package.
4. 9. 2020 02:32
10 / 10
Hector Ocampo
The CZ 75 SP-01 is the most ergonomic handgun I have ever held. It's like wearing a glove. The firearm is genuinely accurate with no adjustments required and the reliability is unmatched. It's my favorite firearm to use at the range for speed and accuracy. There are many accessories to customize the aesthetics and performance. A very practical and well rounded firearm.
21. 10. 2020 01:12
10 / 10
Frederick Ludwikowski
Love the CZ 75 series. The grip is so natural, both the full sized and compact. It’s been copied by a number of makers, but the original is the best. My only complaint is that they no longer make them in the original blue finish.
4. 7. 2021 02:50
10 / 10
Stephan Lombard (CZ 75 B)
I own my CZ 75 pre b for 22 year now. Carry it every day. It never let me down... No mel function!!! Just as accurate as the shadow 2.... CZ 75's is the best in the world!!!
17. 7. 2021 08:59
10 / 10
Stephan Plessis
The CZ line has been in my family for a long, long time. my grandpa had the VZ. 50, My dad had the CZ 82 and I have the CZ 75 Compact. What an absolute dream. It's accurate to a T, super comfortable, tame in the recoil department and overall just a fun little pistol. Accurate, Deadly, Dependable. Like all good defense weapons should be. 10/10
17. 8. 2022 17:12
10 / 10
Sasho Nedelkovski (CZ 75 B)
CZ 75B Compact, The best value for the money, crazy ergonomics, deadly precise, reliable, small package with enormous potential. Just love it. I have used many pistol models in the service this one is my favorite.
23. 8. 2022 18:58
10 / 10
Jacques Breedt (CZ 75 B)
I purchased a 75B and dont think i will use any other type of handgun again , this is my personal carry gun which i also use for competitive shooting it has never failed me it chews any ammo and accuracy is always there this is a 1993 model , 29 years and still as good as new
12. 9. 2022 18:42
10 / 10
Steve Mellas (CZ 75 B Ω)
Had one back in 89 and sold it like a dumb ass bought another one about a year ago I carry it everyday got a friend of mine and my son- in -law to buy one we all agree best handguns ever made
13. 9. 2022 15:49
10 / 10
Raimundas Kisielius (CZ 75 B Ω)
The handgun is so nice as if it was produced for my hand. Would like the recoil spring guide rod be made of steel or other metal, because I do not trust polymers.
24. 1. 2024 00:52
10 / 10
Alexandru Victor Tamaianu (CZ 75 P-01)
I carry the gun daily for 30 years. I have had over 20 brands, Cz are the most reliable and P01 is the best compact.
2. 2. 2024 16:43
8 / 10
grzegorz drewnikowski (CZ 75 P-01)
Hi I have a CZ P01 omega with no. F223957 and I noticed that the trigger bar is different than in my other guns (75 SH1 SH2 2075, 97) the trigger, rear sight and hammer are also different. according to the instructions available on your website, these elements should be different than the ones I have. is my CZ P01 a special gun model? How do I order parts if something happens? apart from the above details, the gun is great! It's a pity that prices have gone up by more than 50% in 2 years :/

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