Pistol CZ 75 P-01

A modern design of our popular compact with a steel frame and the proven SA/DA trigger mechanism found in all CZ 75 series pistols. It's the right choice for those who want an everyday carry gun with optimized dimensions, impressive firepower, extreme comfort and superior durability.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    135x38x184 mm
  • Barrel length
    92,5 mm
  • Weight with empty magazine [g]
  • Caliber
    9 x 19
  • Magazine capacity
  • Sights
  • Trigger
    SA/ DA
  • Frame
    Aluminium alloy
  • Grips
  • Safety features
    Safety notch on the hammer | Manual safety | Firing pin block
  • Size
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    SA: 20 N DA: 46 N
  • Trigger travel [mm]
    SA: 9 ± 1 DA: 15 ± 1
  • Trigger reset [mm]

Files to download

Product Testimonial

24. 1. 2024 00:52
10 / 10
Alexandru Victor Tamaianu
I carry the gun daily for 30 years. I have had over 20 brands, Cz are the most reliable and P01 is the best compact.
2. 2. 2024 16:43
8 / 10
grzegorz drewnikowski
Hi I have a CZ P01 omega with no. F223957 and I noticed that the trigger bar is different than in my other guns (75 SH1 SH2 2075, 97) the trigger, rear sight and hammer are also different. according to the instructions available on your website, these elements should be different than the ones I have. is my CZ P01 a special gun model? How do I order parts if something happens? apart from the above details, the gun is great! It's a pity that prices have gone up by more than 50% in 2 years :/

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