Adapters Kadet series

Rimfire pistols and adapters for conversion of CZ large caliber pistols to fire 22 LR cartridges

The KADET series brings owners of CZ large caliber pistols the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the popular 22 LR cartridge. This affordable, low-power ammunition shoots with high accuracy and has traditionally been used for training beginners, maintaining shooting fitness or hobby shooting.

The KADET series not only consists of rimfire pistols (CZ P-07 and CZ P-09), but also kits for the conversion of selected large caliber models. In the latter case, fitting the adapters to the frame of the firearm does not require any modifications and is easily carried out by all users. The resulting 22 LR caliber weapon thus retains the same control and trigger mechanism operation as the original large caliber design.

Other strengths of the KADET series include simple construction, long service life, high accuracy and reliability. Accessories that come with each KADET gun and adapter include two recoil springs, which allow for fine tuning operation when using HV cartridges with increased velocity (red spring) or subsonic cartridges with lower velocity (blue spring). Reliability is further ensured with the use of original 10-round polymer magazines for 22 LR cartridges.

Main features of the Kadet series

Slide made of extremely durable aircraft duralumin

Low power cartridges require very light materials for semi-automatic operation of the firearm, but these materials usually have reduced strength. Slides made of extremely durable aircraft duralumin ensure proper functioning, while ensuring a long service life of the adapter.

Stationary, cold hammer forged barrel

The most accurate firearms have barrels that remain motionless during firing. CZ’s stationary, cold hammer forged barrel, which directs the flow of steel fibers, contributes to high accuracy of the adapter.

Highly reliable 10-round polymer magazine

Highly reliable 10-round polymer magazine designed for 22 LR caliber rimfire ammunition.

Precise iron sights from large-caliber models

The easy-to-aim iron sights have been taken from our large-caliber models and are crowned by the achievements of our full-size sport pistols. Their precision is verified by hundreds of competitions and hundreds of thousands of rounds fired.

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