A great training aid that is not limited to members of the armed forces. The kit is designed for quick and easy conversion of CZ P-07 large caliber compacts to fire user-friendly and economical 22 LR cartridges. Installation of the adapter does not require any hand-fitting.

The package includes a slide, barrel, dedicated slide release, two 10-round polymer magazines and two interchangeable recoil springs for fine-tuning operation (red - HV rounds, blue - subsonic rounds).

All pistols and adapters in the KADET series have height adjustable sights (standard height of 11 mm) taken from the CZ SHADOW 2. The 6,75 mm high front sight is compatible with CZ P-10 models.

A complete set of spare parts is available for all KADET pistols and adapters. Magazines can only be purchased as a complete assembly.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    40/27/170 mm
  • Barrel length
    104 mm
  • Weight
    0,27 kg
  • Caliber
    22 LR
  • Magazine capacity
    10 (22 LR)
  • Sights
    Height adjustable visor

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