Pistols CZ P-07/09 series

Best in the world in the SA/DA polymer pistol category

The superior parameters of the OMEGA trigger mechanism, which in its radically simplified concept uses the unbeatable principle of the timeless CZ 75 model, have paved the way for the creation of a completely new generation of large-capacity SA/DA pistols with an external hammer and polymer frame for defence, service and sport. 

The result are two closely related models, the CZ P-07 (compact) and CZ P-09 (standard size) in 9 mm Luger calibres that represent the best there is on the current market in their category. They significantly surpass rival models particularly due to the exceptionally smooth trigger travel and low trigger pull weight in both single and double action modes. In combination with the superb ergonomics and high-quality cold hammer forged barrels, they achieve excellent accuracy. A unique bonus is the option for the user to easily convert the safety configuration to decocking and vice versa, while the controls remain ambidextrous.

The CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 pistols have a durable polymer frame extremely resistant to mechanical damage and changes in temperature, with a standardized mounting rail and larger trigger guard for shooting while wearing gloves. The size of the pistol grip can be easily adjusted with three interchangeable backstraps, in line with the needs and preferences of each user. The surface finish on the metal parts has superior resistance against abrasion, mechanical damage and corrosion. Other strong points of this model series include complete safety of user, absolute reliability in all weather conditions, very easy sight alignment of the iron sights and high capacity of the magazine for all calibres, which can be further increased with a baseplate.  

Main features CZ P-07/09 series

OMEGA trigger mechanism

The proven, very simple and reliable OMEGA trigger mechanism allows easy choice between the safety elements of the weapon – manual safety or hammer decocking on the safety notch.

Safety or hammer decocking

By simply replacing the ambidextrous controls, you can switch between the safety version and the hammer decocking version.

Ambidextrous controls

No restriction when using the firearm with the right or left hand thanks to ambidextrous controls of the manual safety or hammer decocking.

Durable polymer frame

Mechanically and thermally stable glassfibre-reinforced polymer is made of a modern material with high notch strength.

Replaceable backstraps

Backstraps in sizes S, M and L are included. They allow you to modify the grip and adjust your finger’s reach to the trigger.

Front and rear cocking serrations

CZ P-07/09 adapts to your needs. The front and rear cocking serrations allow comfortable and safe handling of the slide, in any way you are used to.

Ergonomically shaped lighter hammer

Ergonomically shaped hammer for fast and reliable cocking as well as safe decocking when needed. The lighter hammer maximizes the impact energy transferred to the firing pin for 100 % initiation of the cartridge primer.

Shape of the trigger blade

The shape of the trigger blade ensures fast and reliable pulling even with shorter fingers in both the SA and DA position of the trigger mechanism.

Optimized ergonomics

The rounded edges of the frame including the beavertail ensure fast, firm, sure and safe grip of the firearm even when requiring an immediate reaction with minimum time to adjust the grip.

Sloping front of the slide

The sloping front of the slide allows for a narrower holster design, making the firearm more suitable for concealed carry. The sloping slide also makes holstering easier.

Standardized rail

You can attach a flashlight, laser pointer or a combination of a flashlight and a pointer using the MIL-STD 1913 rail.

Extremely durable finish

The surface treatment of the barrel, slide and parts of the trigger mechanism makes them resistant to weather effects and mechanical damage.
ico Height/width/lenght
Barrel length
ico Barrel length
ico Weight
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
ico Sights
ico Trigger
ico Frame
Safety features
ico Safety features
ico Size
137/37/185 mm 95 mm 0,80 kg 9×19
.380 AUTO
15 (17) (9×19)
15 (.380 AUTO)
Luminescent SA/DA Highly durable polymer Firing pin block
Decocking/manual safety
Safety notch
148/37/208 mm 115 mm 0,89 kg 9×19 19 (9×19) Luminescent SA/DA Highly durable polymer Firing pin block
Decocking/manual safety
Safety notch
148/37/208 mm 115 mm 0,89 kg 9×19 19 (9×19) Tritium SA/DA Highly durable polymer Firing pin block (drop safety)
Decocking/manual safety
Safety notch

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