Pistols CZ P-07/09 NATO series

Exclusively service versions of top SA/DA polymer pistols

The CZ P-07 (compact) and CZ P-09 (standard size) models in 9 mm NATO calibre have been developed in collaboration with armed forces from all over the world, with a focus on ease of operation, high accuracy even when shooting rapidly and absolute reliability. The results are first-rate SA/DA polymer pistols optimized for the most challenging operations of service life. 

A key advantage of this model series is the original OMEGA trigger mechanism with a very smooth trigger pull weight and short trigger travel in both single and double action modes. A unique benefit is an easy user conversion from a safety configuration to decocking and vice versa, with ambidextrous controls in both.

The CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 pistols have a durable polymer frame extremely resistant to mechanical damage and changes in temperature, with a MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail and larger trigger guard for shooting while wearing gloves. The size of the pistol grip can be easily adjusted with three interchangeable backstraps. The surface finish on the metal parts has superior resistance against abrasion, mechanical damage and corrosion.  Other strong points of this model series include complete user safety, absolute reliability in all weather conditions, very easy sight alignment of the iron sights and high magazine capacity, which can be further increased with a baseplate.  

The CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 models in 9 mm NATO calibre have been designed and are manufactured exclusively as service pistols. From the legislative point of view, they are classified as military materiel, including the accessories. They are intended for use with military ammunition standardized by NATO and they may be specially modified according to the needs and requirements of the individual armed forces. In addition, they are marked, approved and tested under Section 31 of Act no. 219/1999 Coll., on the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, or where foreign armed forces are concerned, under the applicable laws on military materiel of the country in question.       

These firearms cannot be purchased for civilian purposes. For further information on these models, it is necessary to provide documentation proving that the person in question is a person who is authorized to handle military material within the meaning of applicable legislation.

Main features CZ P-07/09 NATO series

Extremely durable finish

The surface treatment of the barrel, slide and parts of the trigger mechanism makes them resistant to weather effects and mechanical damage.

Front and rear cocking serrations

CZ P-07/09 NATO adapts to your needs. The front and rear cocking serrations allow comfortable and safe handling of the slide, in any way you are used to.

Clear iron sights

For quick and intuitive aiming, highlighted with three luminescent or tritium points. The sights have an edge for easy handling of the slide.

Durable polymer frame

Mechanically and thermally stable glassfibre-reinforced polymer is made of a modern material with high notch strength.

Standardized rail

You can attach a flashlight, laser pointer or a combination of a flashlight and a pointer using the MIL-STD 1913 rail.

Replaceable backstraps

Backstraps in sizes S, M and L are included. They allow you to modify the grip and adjust your finger’s reach to the trigger.

OMEGA trigger mechanism

The proven, very simple and reliable OMEGA trigger mechanism allows easy choice between the safety elements of the weapon – manual safety or hammer decocking on the safety notch.

Ambidextrous controls

No restriction when controlling the firearm with the right or left hand thanks to ambidextrous controls of the manual safety or hammer decocking.

Optimized ergonomics

The rounded edges of the frame including the beavertail ensure fast, firm, sure and safe grip of the firearm even when requiring an immediate reaction with minimum time to adjust the grip.

Maximized magazine capacity

By replacing the magazine bottom with a butt plate, you can add 2 more cartridges to the magazine with minimum increase in firearm height.
ico Height/width/lenght
Barrel length
ico Barrel length
ico Weight
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
ico Sights
ico Trigger
ico Frame
Safety features
ico Safety features
ico Size
137/37,5/185 mm 95 mm 0,80 kg .380 AUTO
.40 S&W
9×19 NATO
15 (17) (9×19 NATO)
15 (17) (9×21)
12 (15) (.40 S&W)
15 (.380 AUTO)
SA/DA Highly durable polymer Firing pin block
Decocking/manual safety
Safety notch
148/37/208 mm 115 mm 0,89 kg .40 S&W
9×19 NATO
19 (9×19 NATO)
15 (.40 S&W)
SA/DA Highly durable polymer Decocking/manual safety
Firing pin block
Safety notch

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