Submachine guns

CZ has been developing and producing submachine guns for more than 70 years and its products have always been among the best on the world market. This famed tradition is continued by the current CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1, which represents a highly modern, and in many respects, the ultimate automatic weapon in the proven 9x19 caliber. With its responsive control, high accuracy, unmatched user-friendliness and exceptional reliability in the most demanding weather conditions, it’s the ideal choice for all types of operations – especially for today’s most relevant counter-terrorism operations in densely populated urban areas that come with the increased risk of endangering civilians.

Barrel length
ico Barrel length
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
Weight without magazine
ico Weight without magazine
ico Frame
ico Thread
Overall length with folded/unfolded-extended stock
ico Overall length with folded/unfolded-extended stock
Width with unfolded/folded stock
ico Width with unfolded/folded stock
ico NSN
196 mm (8") 9×19 NATO (1:10)
9×21 (1:10)
30 (9×19)
30 (9×21)
2,6 ± 0,05 kg Polymer M18×1 420/625-675±10 mm 60/85 ± 5 mm 1005-16-006-6502

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