Pistol CZ P-10 S

A powerful, large-capacity subcompact with optimized dimensions for concealed carry, while maintaining the best possible shooting comfort, reliability and accuracy. With a larger 12+1 firing capacity, which is impressive for its class, the CZ P-10 S can be easily increased by another two 9×19 mm rounds with the exchangeable magazine base plate.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    116x32x170 mm
  • Barrel length
    89,5 mm
  • Weight with empty magazine [g]
  • Caliber
    9 x 19
  • Magazine capacity
  • Sights
  • Trigger
  • Frame
    Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
  • Safety features
    Trigger safety | Trigger bar safety | Firing pin block
  • Size
  • Thread
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    25 ± 4 N
  • Trigger travel [mm]
    9 ± 1
  • Trigger reset [mm]

Product Testimonial

20. 3. 2021 23:35
10 / 10
Adriano Barbieri
I bought my first CZP10C two years ago, for shooting training, fun and home protection, the gun is very impressive, robust, precise, ergonomic, very reliable! I liked it so much that after a few months I ended up buying another CZP10, but this time it was the S model, to use as my first carry gun. The trigger adjust is amazing, it excels in the desired control and accuracy when compared to other weapons in the same category. Even though it is a ready-to-use pistol, the trigger release device has
15. 7. 2022 09:43
8 / 10
Marek Orkiszewski
I am very happy with the pistol. Unfortunately, an increased magazine of 12 appears unavailable in whole Poland. How can I get hold of it?

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