Pistol CZ P-10 F 45 AUTO

The first pistol in the successful CZ P-10 series chambered in the timeless 45 Auto. This high-powered, full-size model combines an increased 13 + 1 firing capacity with key benefits of the CZ P-10 family, which include excellent ergonomics, light trigger pull, high accuracy, impressive durability, extreme reliability and precise construction.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    151x34x207 mm
  • Barrel length
    114 mm
  • Weight with empty magazine [g]
  • Caliber
    45 Auto
  • Magazine capacity
  • Sights
  • Trigger
  • Frame
    Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
  • Safety features
    Trigger safety | Trigger bar safety | Firing pin block
  • Size
  • Thread
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    25 ± 4 N
  • Trigger travel [mm]
    9 ± 1
  • Trigger reset [mm]

Product Testimonial

10. 7. 2023 20:23
10 / 10
John Sanders
I purchased my CZ P10F .45ACP about a year ago, and I love it! I've probably put 500 rounds of FMJ through it, without issues. It feels great in the hand, it's solid as a rock, and I'm very pleased with the accuracy. I use it for training and home defense and feel very confident that it will get the job done when called upon. I have a Streamlight tactical light on the front and added a Hogue grip, just because I love Hogue grips. I am now a CZ guy, and even bought a CZ t shirt!
18. 10. 2023 03:32
10 / 10
John Sanders
I absolutely love my CZ P 10F in .45 ACP. I wanted to add a ,45 to my arsenal, and fell in love as soon as I held it. It's solid as a rock, fantastic ergonomically, and it's fast and accurate. 13 +1 of .45 ACP is very comforting in tight situations. I love the CZ P10 platform so much that I just bought a P 10C that is more concealable. CZ ROCKS!

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