A semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with a gasless inertia operating system, which provides maximum reliability with various types of ammunition, from light-recoiling target loads to powerful 3″ magnums, and allows for a more relaxed maintenance schedule. A durable polymer stock makes it an ideal firearm for use in extremely inhospitable conditions. A wide range of chokes is also available for this model.

Parameters and technical data

  • Length
    1285 mm
  • Barrel length
    28 "/ 710 mm
  • Weight
    3,1 kg
  • Caliber
  • Magazine capacity
    4 + 1
  • Cheekpiece
  • LOP
    355 mm
  • Stock
  • Stock finish
  • Choke
    Multi (5 pcs)
  • Ejector/ Extractor
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    20 N
  • 2nd Trigger Pull Weight [N]

Product Testimonial

6. 11. 2023 20:44
9 / 10
Wyatt Hetrick
I previously left a review that the gun did not cycle. I took the gun to the store and they said that it worked. The reason for this was that on my weatherby semi you do not have to press the red button before you shoot it. With this one you do so once you know that it cycles fine.

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