Sniper Rifles CZ TSR

The ultimate sniper and sport special for highly accurate long distance shooting

The CZ TSR model in powerful 7.62×51 mm NATO calibre (.308 Win.) is the latest answer to an extremely accurate gun for shooting at a distance of 500 to 800 metres. Its design is attuned to a single purpose – to reliably hit a target under all circumstances. 

Thanks to close collaboration with elite police and military experts, we have created a firearm with first-rate performance and user parameters. The CZ TSR is distinguished by perfect ergonomics with the option of individual adjustment of the key components (cheekpiece, length of stock, pistol grip size, ball end of the bolt handle, etc.), above standard lifetime (accuracy of SUB-MOA is guaranteed for an unbeatable 10 000 rounds minimum) and 100 percent reliability in adverse conditions. Several MIL-STD-1913 rails for the attachment of accessories are supplied as standard.

A completely new feature for the market is an original folding stock system that provides superb rigidity and strength when shooting as well as security during transport. In addition, this system also allows for an easy change of the folding direction.

Main features CZ TSR

Cold-forged, thick-walled barrel with SUB-MOA guaranteed accuracy

The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibres, which positively affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel, which is further enhanced by the thick-walled barrel design.

Adjustable 2-stage trigger

Sensitive trigger with a clearly defined break.

Grooves on the slide body for increased resistance to dirt

The design of the firearm makes it functional in any environment and at extreme low and high temperatures.

Shaped bolt handle

Bolt handle shaped for reliable and fast reloading with a riflescope mounted.

Folding shoulder stock

Folding shoulder stock with reliable fixation in both positions and adjustable folding direction.

Adjustable cheekpiece

Height-adjustable and rotatable cheekpiece for optimum aiming position.

Pistol grip with replaceable backstraps

The grip is ergonomically shaped, with replaceable backstraps and storage space. The chequering ensures reliable grip of the firearm with bare hands as well as in gloves.

Fully adjustable butt

Fully adjustable butt for optimum aiming position. You can adjust the height, length and the angle of the butt.

Replaceable bolt handle ball

Replaceable bolt handle ball for user customization.

7.62x51 NATO 10-round magazine

Robust magazine for ten 7.62x51 NATO cartridges, resistant to mechanical damage.

Mounting rails according to STANAG 4694

Rails for attachments of your choice and preferences, including reflector sights, flashlights, laser pointers, front hand guards and other accessories.

Effective muzzle brake on an M18×1 muzzle thread

Effective muzzle brake increasing shooting comfort on an M18×1 muzzle thread.
Barrel length
ico Barrel length
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
Weight without magazine
ico Weight without magazine
ico Frame
Height with folded sights no magazine
ico Height with folded sights no magazine
ico Thread
ico Compensator
Overall length with folded/unfolded-extended stock
ico Overall length with folded/unfolded-extended stock
Width with unfolded/folded stock
ico Width with unfolded/folded stock
660 ± 1 mm (26") .308 Win. (1:11) 10 6,3 kg Aluminium alloy 7075 T6 192 ± 5 mm M18x1 Muzzle brake 931/1188±10 mm 70/95 ± 5 mm

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