CZ P-10 F



There are situations when a pistol user appreciates a good grip, a large magazine capacity or a long sight line. These are the main benefits of this new member of the exceptionally successful CZ P-10 family: a standard size striker fired model.

The reason why the compact C model was the first model from the CZ P-10 series to have been introduced to the market is clear – guns of this type have been bestsellers for a long time. However, a considerable number of customers prefer as secure a grip as possible to the small dimensions. In many cases, a longer barrel is also preferable, which goes hand in hand with a longer sight line and a large number of rounds in the magazine. Therefore, this range of pistols has been supplemented by the CZ P-10 F model in a standard size with an impressive magazine capacity of 19 rounds in 9x19 calibre. Naturally, there is also the superb ergonomics and the exceptionally good trigger travel. With the overall length of 203 mm, height of 150 mm and a barrel length of 114 mm, the pistol weighs just 0.8 kg when empty! This perfectly reliable service and defence pistol provides the user with all the prerequisites for achieving direct hits in any situation.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 0,80 Kg
Caliber 9×19
Frame Polymer
Trigger Double action, Striker fired
Safety features Striker Block (Drop Safety), Trigger Bar Safety, Trigger Safety (Drop Safety)
Sights Luminescent
Magazine capacity 9x19(19)
Overall height, width, lenght 150x32x203 mm
Barrel length 114 mm

Compatible accessories