CZ shooting team

Andrej Hrnčiarik

Junior European Champion, Canadian Champion and 3rd place in the 2019 European Championship.

Interview and bio

Sport: IPSC

Firearm model: CZ SHADOW 2 OR

IPSC Division, Category: Production Optics, Overall

Nationality: Slovak

Year of birth: 1992

City, Country of residence: Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

Occupation: Security Services

Languages: English, German


How and at what age did you start sport shooting and competing in the IPSC?

I started sport shooting according to IPSC rules at the age of 14. My father was also a sport shooter and took me to the competitions with him. When I was 14, I started going to trainings with him. I gradually started to fully train and participate in competitions.

What do you like best about the IPSC?

The adrenaline and healthy dose of stress before and during competitions.

Why did you choose CZ?

I think CZ is the best gun for the IPSC.

How and why did you join the CZ Shooting Team?

After participating in the first European Championship in France in 2007, I started speaking with with Mr. Trkulja, who offered me a CZ Shooting Team jersey. I became part of the team a year later, when CZ started sponsoring me. As a result, this sport is no longer so expensive for me.

How do you prepare for a competition?

My trainings consist of physical preparation both in and out of the shooting range. An integral part of my trainings is the so-called dry training.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

“Slow is accurate and accurate is fast.”

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements in the IPSC?

3rd place in the European Championship Production Junior France 2007

3rd place in the AustralAsia Championship Thailand 2007

3rd place in the World Championship Production Junior Bali 2008

1st place in the 2010 European Championship Production Junior in Serbia

1st place in the 2010 AustralAsia Championship in Malaysia

1st place in the 2011 World Championship Production Junior in Greece

1st place in the 2014 Canadian Championship in Production

How would you rate your weapon?

The CZ Shadow 2 OR is, in my opinion, the most reliable and the best gun for IPSC. By changing pads, shooters can choose the red dot sight that best suits their requirements. The gun is very accurate and is “smooth” when firing. Its advantage is the weight of the front, which reduces recoil.

Achievements and awards

Place Year Action name Description Location
IPSC Czech Superleague
Znojmo, Czech Republic
2019 IPSC European Handgun Championship
Production Optics
Belgrade, Serbia
2014 IPSC Canadian Handgun Championship
2011 IPSC Handgun World Shoot
Production Junior
Rhodes, Greece
2010 IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
2010 IPSC European Handgun Championship
Production Junior
Belgrade, Serbia
2008 IPSC Handgun World Shoot
Production Junior
Bali, Indonesia
2007 IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship

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