Three new CZ 457 rimfire rifles

30. 3. 2020

In addition to the CZ P-10 Micro pistol, this year we bring you three new products in the CZ 457 range of rimfire rifles. The models include the extremely durable and light CZ 457 Synthetic, the unconventional rimfire rifle with perfect ergonomics CZ 457 Thumbhole and the exceptionally accurate long-range rimfire rifle CZ 457 LRP. Each model has slightly different features and has been developed for different purposes. Which rimfire rifle is the right fit for you?


Rimfire rifle – ideal firearm for everyone

There are no purer shooting pleasures than what a good rimfire rifle can offer. Whether you are an experienced or beginner shooter, a good rimfire rifle can help you improve your shooting skills and bring you a lot of joy. It is an ideal weapon for entering the world of firearms, since beginners are not disturbed by recoil or firing noise. Some shooters have an innate skill, but most shooters have to work hard towards performance. And once you’ve learned shooting and are skilled, you have to maintain the skill. A rimfire rifle will allow you to do so with minimal costs and shooting range requirements.

A rimfire rifle will show you every mistake you make and help you get rid of them. A rimfire rifle is also a firearm of joyful afternoons at the shooting range, where the whole family, from the father to the son, mother, daughter and grandfather, take turns in a fun competition. If you need to get rid of vermin on a hunting ground, a rimfire rifle is small, but really handy weapon for these purposes as well. Rimfire rifle shooting will not disappoint you or empty your wallet. For two small boxes of hunting ammunition, you have a full box of rimfire rifle cartridges. 


Rimfire rifle series CZ 457

CZ rimfire rifles have a long tradition, their roots can be traced back to the 1950s. The CZ 457 series took the best from its predecessors and combined and supplemented it into a modern top-of-the-line firearm. The safety on the right side of the receiver is ergonomic, reliable and fast to control. The bolt can be opened and the firearm unloaded even when the safety is engaged. There is a firing mechanism indicator on the bolt top, which shows when the mechanism is cocked.

The 60° bolt opening angle sped up its control, the bolt handle does not collide even with a large riflescope. The bolt has a separate bolt stop, the bolt can be safely removed even with an engaged safety. A lighter striker improves accuracy and leads to a shorter locking time. The accuracy is also enhanced by a new trigger mechanism, which can be adjusted in terms of resistance and the length of the trigger pull.  Last but not least, the CZ 457 series has a new, better way of seating of the system in the stock.

The CZ 457 model allows easy barrel replacement. This allows users to adapt the firearm to their needs. Thanks to this, you can use not only different barrel lengths, but also different calibers. The bolt can handle calibers .22 WMR and .17 HMR, which expand the hunting usability of the firearm. All barrels have a standard ½“ x 20 UNF thread at the muzzle.


CZ 457 Synthetic

The year 2020 has brought 3 new versions of the CZ 457. CZ 457 Synthetic has an ambidextrous polymer stock that will suit both left-handers and right-handers. The surface of the stock is covered with a soft touch grip layer. The stock, whose shape resembles the stock of hunting centerfire rifles, makes it primarily a work weapon, but this rimfire rifle can be used as a cost-effective practice hunting weapon. However, the plastic surface is also very resistant to mechanical damage, scratches and dents. Thanks to the durable anti-corrosion surface treatment of the metal parts of the system, the Synthetic model is not afraid of bad weather conditions or long hours in a tractor or off-road vehicle. Replaceable barrels expand the usability of the weapon. CZ 457 Synthetic can be used either as a light work weapon, where in the .22 LR caliber you can use a short, agile 16“ (412 mm) barrel, or as a universal rimfire rifle with a 20“ (525 mm) barrel. More powerful calibers have a 20“ barrel to take full advantage of the ballistic potential of the cartridge. By mounting a heavy barrel from the Varmint version, you can turn a work Synthetic into a very accurate rimfire rifle, basically on a sports level.



CZ 457 Thumbhole

But people do not live only for work. They are willing to devote extreme amounts of energy to completely irrational activities. It’s called sport and you can do it either at the top competition level (and then it can completely swallow and destroy you) or for fun. Either way, you need a good barrel, and if you’ve decided to shoot dynamic disciplines, you need a stock that becomes one with your body. It will take root in you and ensure that the barrel is aimed exactly at the target, no matter how fast you brought it there. The thumbhole stock with a very vertical pistol grip is excellent for pushing the stock tightly against your shoulder. The highly protruding cheekpiece positions your face and places your eye directly in the axis of the riflescope. The forestock fits in your hand and completes the connection between you and the firearm. The eye connects to the sights line and the target and the finger touches the trigger. A new hole appears in the sheet. That is CZ 457 Thumbhole. The stock, which gave this variant its name, is very bold in design, but at the same time amazingly functional. The large recess in the stock balances the firearm at the muzzle and gives it stability. The forestock can be enclosed by fingers into a firm grip and is wide enough to be stable even on a support. The contrasting colored layers of wood laminate underline the aesthetics of the whole firearm. The trigger guard as an integral part of the laminated stock is the icing on the cake. Like the stock of the Synthetic, the CZ 457 Thumbhole stock is longitudinally symmetrical, making it usable for both right-handers and left-handers. Combined with the high-quality system of this series, the Thumbhole is a sport rimfire rifle for every task, from aimed standing-position shooting to a running hog. The barrels of CZ 457 rimfire rifles have a threaded muzzle, so the sporty character of the Thumhole can be confirmed by a muzzle brake. It helps stabilize the transitional ballistics, calm down the gases flowing behind the bullet, thus contributing to the shooting accuracy.



CZ 457 Long Range Precision

The CZ 457 LRP (Long Range Precision) is a system with a heavy barrel seated in a synthetic stock allowing the most stable aiming. The forestock is wide and has a flat bottom so that it rests as stably as possible on a shooting bag. The stock has an adjustable cheekpiece and its length can be changed with replaceable pads (pads for an adjustment range of 25 mm are part of the basic package of the firearm). On the bottom of the butt is a short mounting rail for a third leg and the bottom line of the stock allows the butt to be underlaid with a sand bag or the other hand. The receiver is fitted with a Weaver mounting rail inclined at an angle of 25 MOA forwards. This allows for an extremely large sighting-in adjustment range. The bullet of a .22 LR cartridge falls quickly – at a distance of 50 to 100 meters, it drops by about 20 cm. With a relief Weaver rail, you can still shoot with a rimfire rifle at a distance greater than 200 meters. The cold-forged fluted barrel with a sport (i.e. tight) chamber and sport ammunition can handle this with ease. The LRP is fitted with a muzzle brake as well, which calms the gases flowing behind the bullet in the area of transitional ballistics. Rimfire rifle shooting at extreme distances is a preserve of the few knowledgeable who know that even wind blowing in the shooting axis has an effect on the point of impact of the bullet. If you are already of the opinion that shooting is a reflection of the spirit, a meditative Zen activity, then the CZ 457 LRP is the right partner for your meditation.


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