Summary of the IPSC Shooting Season

30. 11. 2019

We regularly write about the results of IPSC shooting events, where members of the CZ Shooting Team equipped with CZ sport pistols place in very good positions. This year’s season of these competitions is over, and since our shooters collected a lot of achievements this year, we would like to recapitulate all of them.

Shooting events according to IPSC rules are a dynamic sport that differs from other shooting disciplines by the variety of shooting situations the competitor has to cope with. These unconventional situations include movement during shooting, moving targets, multiple targets and variability of dealing with the shooting situations. The history of this sport goes back to the 1960s, when the IPSC rules were established in the US. Today it is held in more than a hundred countries around the world and has its own world and continental championships. In the Czech Republic, this sport has been represented by the Association of Sports Dynamic Shooting of the Czech Republic since 1992. In 1996, Česká zbrojovka a.s. became a proud partner of IPSC shooting and now also supports shooters as part of the CZ Shooting Team. The CZ Shooting Team brings together the best shooters from the Czech Republic and abroad and, in combination with CZ firearms, it collects many achievements even on the international level.

The CZ Shooting Team now includes 11 shooters competing in several divisions of the IPSC discipline with various sport specials designed for specific divisions. The Standard division is dominated by CZ TS Orange, CZ SHADOW 2 proved its worth in the Production division and its version CZ SHADOW 2 OPTICS READY is prominent in the Production Optics division. CZ CZECHMATE is successful in the Open division. Since there are women in the team, our team wins in the Lady (L) category as well.

This year’s IPSC shooting season represented 16 events for our team, several of which took place in the Czech Republic and nearby Slovakia, but also in America or Asia. Shooters of the CZ Team collected a total of 80 medals from these events, which is not a small number. The majority were gold medals, totalling to 42. The CZ Team also won 25 silver and 13 bronze medals. The specific placements of individual shooters are listed in the table below.

Big congratulations to the entire CZ Shooting Team and thank you for the excellent representation. Thank you for the great results and best of luck in the next season as well.

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