Gold medals at the Extreme Euro Open

1. 7. 2021

The Extreme Euro Open international shooting competition took place in the Czech city of Hodonice at the end of June. It was the biggest shooting event in the Czech Republic, and with large international competitions postponed until next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was likely the biggest event of its kind worldwide. Despite strict restrictions and rigorous testing of participants, it was a success. The competition attracted more than 500 participants from around the globe, who came from as far as America, Russia and Asia. 

We are happy to report that shooters from the successful CZ Shooting Team once again dominated the three main divisions. Their success comes despite the more difficult training conditions endured due to coronavirus restrictions.

In the OPEN division, none other than the legendary Eric Grauffel won the gold medal. Robin Sebo won the bronze medal in this division and Miroslav Havlicek took 4th place. Martina Sera secured 10th place and finished ahead of other women. Michal Stepan and Ljubisa Momcilovic took the first two places in the PRODUCTION division. There was no lack of gold medals in the STANDARD division for CZ team members, where Josef Rakusan took top honors. Zdenek Liehne also won a bronze medal in this division, along with Petr Znamenacek who came in 6th place. It is also worth mentioning the success of another team member, Andrej Hrnciarik, who placed 7th in the PRODUCTION OPTICS division.


We would like to congratulate all shooters and wish them continued success in future competitions


OPEN division with CZ CZECHMATE:

1. Eric Grauffel

3. Robin Sebo

4. Miroslav Havlicek

10. Martina Sera


STANDARD division with CZ TS:

1. Josef Rakusan

3. Zdenek Liehne

6. Petr Znamenacek


PRODUCTION division with CZ SHADOW 2:

1. Michal Stepan

2. Ljubisa Momcilovic



7. Andrej Hrnciarik


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