CZ Shooting Team members win four medals at the World Police & Fire Games 2022

11. 8. 2022

The World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) 2022 was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from 22 to 31 July. Personnel from police, fire, customs and corrections services from all over the world competed in a total of 62 disciplines. Two members of the CZ Shooting Team, Ljubisa Momcilovic and Miguel Ramos, took part in the Police Action Pistol (PAP) discipline, which is similar to sport shooting according to IPSC rules. The result? Three gold medals and one silver!

This year's WPFG attracted over 10,000 participants from 70 countries. For the first time ever, shooters from the CZ Shooting Team, who are also active members of police forces, participated in the games.

Serbian Ljubisa Momcilovic and Portuguese Miguel Ramos competed against 79 opponents, from 15 different countries, in the semi-automatic pistol category of the Police Action Pistol discipline. Six challenging shooting scenarios, with a choice of various shooting tactics, were prepared for them on the indoor shooting range. A minimum of 135 shots were required to complete the event. The individual stages were set up according to IPSC rules, which were also used for judging. The targets were also the same as in IPSC competitions. The PAP discipline is basically the same as the IPSC Production division, with the only difference being the equipment: only gun holsters and "duty type" magazines were allowed. Belt magnets were prohibited.

Individuals competed on the first day of the PAP competition, with teams competing against each other on the following day. Each team member shot one of four shooting scenarios and the scores of the individual team shooters were then added together.

Ljubisa Momcilovic did well at all stages and took home three gold medals from the competition. The first medal was for an overall victory in the individual category and the second for first place in the individual category for seniors. The third gold medal was won together with his colleagues from the Serbian Police Force team, which finished ahead of thirteen other teams.

Miguel Ramos, who was the only representative from the Portuguese Police, was unable to participate in the main competition due to being caught in a traffic jam, but then managed to complete all shooting scenarios within two hours. "It was a very exhilarating experience, although the competition was different from what I’m used to," he commented. After his impressive performance, Miguel won a silver medal in the individual category.

Both members of the CZ Shooting Team used CZ Shadow 2 sport pistols in their debut at the WPFG. An interesting fact is that the CZ Shadow 2 is actually a service firearm for Ljubisa Momcilovic. As a shooting instructor, he’s a member of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Serbian Police, which has 20 to 30 CZ Shadow 2 and CZ Shadow 2 OR pistols at its disposal for service and sport shooting use.

The World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) is a sporting event for active and former members of police, fire, customs and corrections departments from all around the world. The first competition was held in 1985 in San Jose, California and the event has been held every two years since then. This year's 19th edition was postponed by one year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, future editions should continue as usual, which is every odd year. In 2023, the WPFG will be held in Winnipeg, Canada.

Congratulations to CZ Shooting Team members Ljubisa Momcilovic and Miguel Ramos for their excellent results, as well as a big thank you for their great representation of the team. Until the next shooting competitions come around, we wish all shooters lots of success.



Competition results:


PAP individual

1. Ljubisa Momcilovic (SER), CZ Shooting Team        100%

2. Miguel Ramos (PRT), CZ Shooting Team                91,15%

3. Sebastiien Armendariz (FRA)                                           88,23 %



PAP Teams

1. Serbia Police Department                                                   100 %

2. France Police                                                                          91,07 %

3. Bellators                                                                                   82,28 %

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