CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT now available in the CZ Configurator

19. 10. 2023

The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT has just been added to the range of CZ models available in the CZ Configurator, where customers can build firearms in accordance with their exact needs and preferences.

How you build and equip the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is up to you!

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The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is the ideal compact size pistol for users and fans of CZ SHADOW 2 models, which are extremely popular pistols for competing in the IPSC PRODUCTION and PRODUCTION OPTICS divisions.

With a partial reduction in size and a significant reduction in weight, the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT retains the key strengths of the CZ SHADOW 2 series, led by the shooting comfort and accuracy. The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is not only the perfect handgun for sport shooting, but also for all-day carry, including concealed carry.

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