CZ launches the new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT model

21. 8. 2023

CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT – A Smaller, Lighter, Optics-Ready DA/SA Competition Pistol


The new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is the latest member in the CZ family of high-performance pistols. Designed with the same instinctive fit as CZ’s full-size flagship sport pistol – the CZ SHADOW 2 – the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT has been specifically engineered for shooters who want a top tier, highly accurate pistol that is easier to handle and carry. And as with all models in the CZ SHADOW 2 series, it is constructed from advanced materials and comes with match-ready features.


The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT retains the key, competition-proven features, accuracy, ergonomics and handling that made its big brother so popular among elite sport shooters and contributed to its status as a world championship firearm, with numerous world championship titles under its belt in the IPSC Production and Production Optics divisions.

The overall size of the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is 7.5 (L) × 1.4 (W) × 5.4 (H) inches. A light and strong forged 7075 aluminum frame shaves precious ounces off the total weight, bringing its weight down to 2 lbs. As a result, it’s the perfect choice for all day carry, as well as concealed carry.

Like the full-size CZ SHADOW 2, it features butter smooth trigger pull (single action 3.4 pounds; double action 10.3 pounds) and shortened reset, allowing for quick and accurate follow-up shots. It comes with a 4-inch barrel that glides quickly from holsters, while still achieving impressive ballistic performance; its magazine holds 15 rounds.

Racking the CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT’s slide from various positions is easy and intuitive, thanks to deep-cut front and rear cocking serrations. The rear of the slide is equipped with an extremely low and robust mounting interface for attachment of a red dot sight. In fact, its mounting interface is identical to what is found on the CZ SHADOW 2 OR model and is compatible with the same mounting plates. Shooters who prefer running standard sights will appreciate its high-visibility fiber optic front sight for aiming in all lighting conditions and height-adjustable rear sight for precision.

Right- and left-handed shooters are equally at home with its low-profile ambidextrous manual safety and reduced height magazine release button that can be swapped from side-to-side. The CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT also includes other features that are shared with the full-size CZ SHADOW 2, such as a spacious trigger guard, checkered grip and dust cover with accessory rail for mounting lights and other devices.

The new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT is a dream come true for shooters who have been waiting for a light, compact pistol with all of the winning features found in the CZ SHADOW 2 series.

With the release of CZ’s new CZ SHADOW 2 COMPACT, shooters around the world now have access to the new benchmark in pure performance for the compact pistol category.



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