CZ Configurator now available in SIX countries

23. 3. 2022

We’re happy to announce that the CZ Configurator is now online and newly available to CZ customers in Austria and France!

With the addition of these two countries, the CZ Configurator is now fully operational and serving CZ customers in a total of six countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and France. The specific offer of CZ models is different for each country, so make sure to visit the CZ Configurator for your country to see what models are available.

The CZ Configurator is the world’s first online tool that gives you the power to fully customize and order the CZ firearm of your dreams from the comfort of your phone or computer. In much the same way as ordering a new car, CZ gives you full control in the construction and accessorizing of your gun - model, caliber, colors, components, controls and accessories.

As you specify colors, components, controls and accessories, they are visually displayed in real time on your screen. A running total of costs is also shown, so you’re always aware of your firearm’s price as the customization process evolves. At any time, you can save, print and share your custom configured firearm with family and friends. You can even set up a “Gift Account” and invite them to make a financial contribution, helping to bring your dream firearm to life!

With the initial release of the CZ Configurator in mid-October 2019, CZ established itself as the world leader in putting the power of tailored firearms in the hands of its customers. And since this customized firearm is an official CZ product that’s manufactured in the CZ factory, a full warranty is provided on the configured firearm, as well as on all components and accessories. Access to exclusive CZ services is also available to CZ Configurator customers.

The CZ Configurator is truly a revolution in the building, ordering and purchase of a personalized firearm!

If the CZ Configurator is not yet available in your country, you can still try it out by visiting the international English version of the website. The international version gives you access to all customization features, as well as other special bonuses, so you can experience the excitement of building your own custom firearm. Final ordering of the firearm is the only restricted feature.

Join the CZ Configurator revolution today by visiting!



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