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Zbrojovka Brno – An Illustrated History


This illustrated history of Zbrojovka Brno is the account of an Austro-Hungarian arsenal that became one of the world’s most successful arms manufacturers between the two World Wars. 

One of the keys to its success was the early introduction of interchangeable parts. In Europe Zbrojovka Brno was one of the first to adopt this “American System of Manufacturing”. The name “Brno Arms” turned into an umbrella trademark synonymous with quality firearms.

Apart from many famous weapons, like the Vz 24 and the BREN machine gun, the Czechoslovak manufacturer designed and produced a wide range of successful products, from machine tools, cars and typewriters to tractors. 

During the 1920s and 1930s Zbrojovka Brno was regarded as one of the best managed manufacturing companies in Czechoslovakia that by 1938 belonged to the ten most industrialised nations in Europe. 

Today its heritage lives on through the product range Brno Rifles of Zbrojovka Brno s.r.o, a subsidiary of CZ.

Written by Arthur Nutbey from the Netherlands. 

Format: hard cover, 21x28,5 cm, 80 pages, illustrated throughout 


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