CZ shooting team

Petr Znamenáček

Second place in the 2013 European Championship, 9 times champion of the Czech Republic, team second place in a World Championship and 3 times team European champion.



Interview and bio

Sport: IPSC

Firearm model: CZ 75 TS ORANGE

IPSC Division, category: Standart, Overall

Nationality: CZE

Year of birth: 1974

City, State of residence: Kamenné Životice, Czech Republic

Occupation: Security Services

Languages: czech, english



How and in what age did you started with sport shooting in general and how with IPSC?

I started with IPSC 17 years ago after I saw online video of Rob Leatham. It was my first experience with this sport and I was completely exited. I was 23 years old.

What do you like best about IPSC?

Creativity, dynamism, friends, racing

Why did you choose CZ?

Because it is the best arms around the world.

How and why did you join CZ Shooting team?

I was approached by representatives CZUB and menus took me.

How do you prepare for a competition?

At the competition to prepare complex. Combine Rifle, physical and tactical training session.

What is a best advice you were ever given? 

At IPSC is the hardest shoot slowly.

Achievements and awards

Place Year Action name Description Location
IPSC Czech Nationals 2019
Hodonice, Czech republic
IPSC Czech Superleague 2019
Znojmo, Czech Republic
IPSC Czech Superleague 2018
Hodonice, Czech Republic
IPSC Czech Nationals 2018
Hodonice, Czech Republic
IPSC Infinity Open
Philipsburg, Germany
IPSC Mosquito Match
Komárno, Czech Republic

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