CZ shooting team

Michal Štěpán

Champion of Canada and 9th place in a World Championship.

Interview and bio

Sport: IPSC

Firearm model: CZ SHADOW 2

IPSC Division, category: Production, Overall

Nationality: CZE

Year of birth: 1993

City, State of residence: Holohlavy, Czech Republic

Languages: czech, english, german, russian

Interests: Running, family, Traveling



How and in what age did you started with sport shooting in general and how with IPSC?

I started shooting at the age of 13, when my grandfather took me to the shooting range. He did not start me with airguns, and I wanted to shoot large-calibre weapons. After I got a firearms license, I began to engage in dynamic shooting. The first time i shot in IPSC was in 2012. I immediately enjoyed this sport.

What do you like best about IPSC?

At IPSC I like the variety of shooting situations. The shooter can choose how to solve the stage, and at the same time I like the fact that IPSC is a very safe sport that takes great care and teaches safe gun handling. The company that you meet in practical shooting is amazing and i enjoy meeting new people from around the world.

Why did you choose CZ?

The weapons from Česká zbrojovka are very reliable, they fit perfectly and they have a very good design. For a novice shooter, the advantage of a CZ weapon is that you can pull it straight out of the box and shoot a match with it.

How and why did you join CZ Shooting team?

When i saw the bozs from the CZ Shooting Team at the irst matches, i knew i would like to join them some-day. In 2012 Milan Trkulja approached me at a match and the following zear i had the honor of shooting for the CY Team for the first time

How do you prepare for a competition?

I do not distinguish the importance of the match. Everyone is trying to get the best out of both the shooting range and "dryfiring". I spend a lot of time before the race preparing the weapon and my shooting equipment.

What is a best advice you were ever given? 


Achievements and awards

Place Year Action name Description Location
IPSC Czech Superleague
Znojmo, Czech republic
IPSC Canadian Nationals
Quebec, Canada
IPCS Mediterranean Extreme Open
Rhodes, Greece
IPSC GECO Hungary Master
Debrecen, Hungary
IPSC Rooster Mountain
Hillerød, Denmark
IPSC Czech Nationals 2018
Hodonice, Czech Republic
IPSC Bathory Cup
Čachtice, Slovakia
IPSC Infinity Open
Philipsburg, Germany

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