CZ shooting team

Martin Šlechta

Double European champion in rifle shooting and 15 times champion of the Czech Republic in rimfire and centrefire rifle shooting.

Interview and bio

Sport: Hunting centrefire rifle tetrathlon, rimfire rifle tetrathlon, hunting rifle shooting, combined game shooting (L4K, trap, hunting compak sporting, centrefire rifle running target)

Firearm model: Rimfire rifle ZKM 456, CZ 527 Varmint, CZ 557 cal. .243 Win., CZ 557 cal. 6XC

Nationality: CZE

Year of birth: 1978

City, State of residence: Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Czech republic

Occupation: Executive Director of OBALFRUKT, dřevařská výroba spol. s r.o. and Lovecký svět s.r.o.

Languages: Czech, passive Germany and English



How and in what age did you start with sports shooting in general and how with individual disciplines?

I have been game shooting since I was really young. I grew up at a gamekeeper’s lodge where shooting was a daily routine. When I was in high school, I was shooting running targets with an air rifle and rimfire rifle. In 2006 I started doing the L4K and K4M disciplines. In 2008 I added combined disciplines and participated in the European Championship in combined game shooting for the first time. In the following years I started actively participating in the World Championship in hunting rifle shooting up to 400 m.

What do you like best about shooting?

Relaxing from work, calming of the mind, getting better at gun handling and self-control, meeting friends.

Why did you choose CZ?

CZ guns are reliable, I am a patriot and I am pleased when I can even peek at their development.

How and why did you join the CZ Shooting Team?I am in the CZ team probably because of the results of my CZ guns; I have been working with CZUB representatives in marketing and development since about 2010. I have been in the CZ Shooting Team since 2017.

How do you prepare for a competition?

My preparation consists of a physical and a mental part. The physical part is “dry” training or shooting at a shooting range, correction of sighting-in, verification of ballistics at various distances, etc. It is time consuming and it means getting to the nearest 300 m shooting range, so I can’t spend as much time doing it as I would like, and it’s mostly just before a competition.

The mental part is to be able to calm my mind, stop my thoughts, concentrate, find motivation for above-standard performances, adjust biorhythms, calm the heartbeat and be able to trigger at the right moment. I can train this in my mind whenever I have time.

Achievements and awards

Place Year Action name Description Location
Europe Championship in Combined Game Shooting
Tallin, Estonia
Sellier & Bellot Match
Světnov u Žďáru nad Sázavou, Czech Republic
Czech Championship in Rimfire Rifle Shooting
Plzeň, Czech Republic
Světnov u Žďáru nad Sázavou, Czech republic
Czech Championship in Rifle Game Shooting
Plzeň, Czech Republic

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