CZ Shooting Team


CZ Shooting Team is a general term used for teams representing Česká zbrojovka a.s. at national and international shooting competitions. Thanks to the extensive scope of production in Česká zbrojovka, its shooters excel in an impressive range of disciplines. The team which has for a long time been the most famous is the IPSC pistol team, for whom the Uherský Brod factory creates the timeless CZ 75 sporty variants. It is hard to find rivals for these cutting edge weapons in the hands of elite shooters, which is confirmed by the ever-increasing number of excellent results from the world's most prestigious championships.

 In the Open Division, regarded the "Formula 1" of IPSC shooting, the current triumph is the factory tuned CZ 75 TS Czechmate model, achieving great success in the hands of Miroslav Havlíček, Martin Kameníček, Petr Pijáček, Martina Šerá and many others.

The CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow has for some time been the leader in the Production Division, which is closely connected to regular serial production. This modern incarnation of the traditional 75 is the weapon of choice for many famous IPSC personalities, such as Ljubiša Momčilovič, Robin Šebo, Andrej Hrnčiarik and Michal Štěpán. Last year, the twice world champion Maria Guščina joined their ranks too.

The CZ 75 Tactical Sports proves its qualities in the Standard Division, in the hands of people like Josef Rakušan, Petr Znamenáček or Roman Podlešák.

 Since 1996, Česká zbrojovka a.s. has been supporting IPSC shooting as one of the main sponsors of the World Championships, European Championships and other continental championships. On top of that, it plays a key role in supporting the CZ Extreme Euro Open, the world's largest international Level III competition.Yet the CZ Shooting Team is not just IPSC. The CZ family also includes the famous Zbrojovka Brno brand and the Česká zbrojovka representatives excel in shotgun shooting as well. Ivo Hilšer and Miroslav Matějík gained worldwide fame with the high quality modern Brno Competition over and under shotguns.

 The general public is now becoming more aware of the Sport hunting shooting. For this discipline Česká zbrojovka produces special variants of the light CZ 527 Varmint rifle. They have proved a great success for the whole Czech team, especially in the hands of the excellent Martin Šlechta. Another area which the CZ Shooting Team is involved in and which deserves a mention is the new discipline Low Velocity Rifle. It was born in Belgium in response to the emergence of the semi-automatic CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 9x19 cal., as dynamic sport shooting suitable for indoor ranges. Česká zbrojovka is also the main sponsor of the LVR, whose popularity is rapidly growing and spreading to other countries.