About Us

In 2018, Česká Zbrojovka a.s. has become a member of the international CZ Group Holding. In addition to the mother company in Uherský Brod, the Holding will gradually incorporate other companies that engage in business of similar nature, both in the manufacture and development. The President of the Group Holding is
Ing. Lubomír Kovařík, MBA.



Ing. Ladislav Britaňák, MBA, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Česká zbrojovka a.s.


Dear customers and supporters of the CZ brand,


The tradition of Česká zbrojovka a.s. goes back more than 80 years. Over that time, our plants in the Czech Republic and the USA have brought millions of weapons onto the world market, with some of those becoming true legends. To name just a few, they are the CZ 75 and Dan Wesson pistols and the vz. 58 and vz. 61 Škorpion submachine guns. Today, thanks to intensive modernization of the production and development facilities, the company produces cutting-edge models in all sectors of its portfolio, unrivalled by very few.


The major breakthrough for Česká zbrojovka came when it once again began supplying the national armed forces with the CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun, the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle, the CZ P-07/09 and CZ P-10 pistols, and most recently, the latest hot product, the CZ TSR sniper rifle. Moreover, the ever growing family of Česká zbrojovka a.s. also includes the CZ 4M brand products, made by a company that specializes in the manufacture of tactical equipment, such as high quality ballistic protection, weapon accessories, uniforms and backpacks.


The superior quality of the latest CZ weapons is reflected in the expansion of the sales network to more than 100 countries worldwide, as well as the ever growing list of references from happy customers.


However, it is not just the CZ team that has made all this happen. It is also thanks to you, our customers and supporters if the CZ brand. Purchasing a weapon is certainly not an easy task. By choosing our models, you place your trust in us and our work, which strengthens our commitment to bring you the very best and, above all, it is a great honour for us.



Ing. Ladislav Britaňák, MBA

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Česká zbrojovka a.s.

Mission: For you and your safety.

Vision: We are partner of professionals and we will meet their expectations.