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FRONT SIGHT CHECKERED for most models CZ (except CZ 92, CZ 2075 RAMI)

height 5,50 mm - standard for CZ 75/85/97/COMP

height 5,75 mm - standard for P-07/P-09 with open sight

height 6,00 mm - standard for CZ 75 tactical sport orange - only

height 7,00 mm - standard for adjustable sight CZ75/SP-01

height 7,50 mm - standard for CZ Shadow 2, Tactical Sport - No (TS orange)

For correct mounting it is necessary to drill together the slot for the front sight pin for your particular handgun, and that for the reason of higher strength. This type of work should be entrusted to a competent gunsmith. 

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Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.