The decision to build a firearms factory in Uherský Brod was made in mid-1936. After negotiations of the Ministry of National Defence with a group of armament companies the Board of the National Defence Governors decided about transfer of industry important for the country defence away from national borders. In the difficult negotiations concerning transfer of significant military programmes the agenda also contained matters related to Česká zbrojovka located in the town Strakonice, the place where the LK 30 anti-aircraft machine gun, signal pistol, army pistol and other manufacturing programs were pursued.



                                                 The site selected for the plant construction                                                        New hall construction work     

The town council of Uherský Brod approves on 22 July 1936 the construction of the new factory under conditions made in accordance with the contract of plots purchase concluded between town of Uherský Brod and Česká zbrojovka Strakonice. On 28 July 1936 the ground on the building site is broken meaning that the construction of the new factory in Uherský Brod has started.



                                                      Factory in 1942                                                                        The first despatch of air rifles in 1945  

Since 1 July 1936 Česká zbrojovka, Strakonice purchases for the new factory in Uherský Brod machinery and equipment of national and foreign production. So we can state that the new plant for two thousand employees was actually built and put into operation within 16 weeks, i.e. from 28 July to 28 November 1936.      



                                               Original gatehouse in 1942                                                                Officials of Česká zbrojovka in 1939 


     27.6.1936 - Founding of Česká Zbrojovka in Uherský Brod as a subsidiary factory of Česká Zbrojovka a.s. Strakonice

      1.1.1950 - The state-owned Precision Machine-Tooling Company is founded in Uherský Brod as an organisational sub-division

   1.4.1958 - The firm is re-organised and intergrated into the state-owned October Revolution Works, Vsetín, as Works No. 05 Uherský Brod

   1.7.1965 - The firm is re-integrated to report to the General Management of VHJ Zbrojovka Brno as the state-owned Precision Machine-Tooling Co., Uherský Brod

  1.1.1983 - The firm is integrated into the Agrozet Brno Group, under the title - Agrozet division, Uherský Brod

   1.5.1992 - Founding of Česká Zbrojovka a.s.(PLC), Uherský Brod