Pistol CZ P-10 SC

A perfect model for users who would like to carry their pistol as covertly and comfortably as possible, but who also want to maximize the potential of the 9×19 cartridge, as well as the advantages of a long barrel and slide. This semi-compact combines the full-size barrel and slide with a compact fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height x Width x Length
    132x32x199 mm
  • Barrel length
    114 mm
  • Weight with empty magazine [g]
  • Caliber
    9 x 19
  • Magazine capacity
  • Sights
  • Trigger
  • Frame
    Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
  • Safety features
    Trigger safety | Trigger bar safety | Firing pin block
  • Size
  • Thread
  • Trigger Pull Weight
    25 ± 4 N
  • Trigger travel [mm]
    9 ± 1
  • Trigger reset [mm]

Product Testimonial

2. 6. 2022 19:48
8 / 10
Orkun Eyilik
Done over 300 shots so far in training, great trigger reset, excellent for fast follow up shots with accuracy, it was a pain in Turkey to find a new P10 C model from the monopol state supplier MKE, only p10 sc was available, but still carrying the gun with IWB is no difficulty. Ladies may find the gun harsh to grip to the texture on the handle, otherwise great gun, easy maintenance and also a very friendly shop in Prague where i can purchase many accessories easily.

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