Rifles CZ 527 series

The global number one in the category of light rifles for hunting and sport shooting

The CZ 527 model series has been in production for three decades and still belongs amongst the best on the global market. This success is due not only to the perfect design base of these exceptionally accurate and reliable firearms, but also to the fact that we do not rest on our laurels. On the contrary – we continuously look for ways to improve our products and meet the current requirements and needs of our customers.

The CZ 527 rifles have therefore already gone through several upgrades. The most extensive so far took place in 2018 and resulted in substantial improvements of all the key parameters. Because of that, the current CZ 527 models are even more accurate, durable, reliable and more user-friendly than ever before. We also regularly introduce modern calibres as well as completely new variants with stocks in original designs and cold hammer forged barrels in various lengths.   

Simply, we keep in mind the needs of all groups of customers. Whether you are looking for a powerful light rifle for varmint control, a work instrument, a rifle for hobby shooting or a sport special, you will be able to pick the model just for you with the highest satisfaction guaranteed.  

Main features CZ 527 series

Extremely reliable “mini Mauser” system

Smaller proven Mauser system optimized for shorter and less powerful calibres. The firearm maintains its elegance and readiness to fire.

Extremely accurate cold-forged barrel

The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibres, which positively affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel.

Mechanical sights with a fibre-optic front sight

The optic fibre in the sight collects light from the environment and concentrates it into its cross-section. It shines brightly compared to surrounding objects, improves and especially accelerates the aiming orientation and significantly reduces the time needed to aim.

Set trigger

The single set trigger with activation by moving the trigger forward sets the trigger mechanism to take up the trigger slack and allow shooting with very little trigger pull.

Stocks made of selected oiled wood

Wood and its texture is one of the dominant aspects of rifle stocks. The special oil surface treatment provides high wood stability and simplifies any stock repairs.

Thread on the muzzle of selected models

Models without iron sights have a thread on the muzzle for the installation of a silencer or other accessories. Silencers protect the hearing of shooters as well as their dogs. In several European countries, the use of silencers is mandatory.
ico Length
Barrel length
ico Barrel length
ico Weight
ico Caliber
Magazine capacity
ico Magazine capacity
Supply type
ico Supply type
ico Sights
ico Trigger
ico Cheekpiece
ico LOP
ico Stock
Stock surface
ico Stock surface
ico Barrel
ico Thread
ico Compensator
1085 mm 650 mm (26") 3,3 kg .223 Rem. (1:9) 5 (.223 Rem.) Detachable magazine No SST No 355 mm Walnut Paint Forged M15x1 No
1062 mm 610 mm (24") 3,6 kg .223 Rem. (1:9) 5 (.223 Rem.) Detachable magazine No SST No 355 mm Laminted wood Paint Forged M15x1 No
1130 mm 650 mm (26") 4 kg .223 Rem. (1:9)
6,5 Grendel (1:8)
5 (.223 Rem.)
5 (6,5 Grendel)
Detachable magazine No Adjustable No 355 mm Walnut Oil Forged M18x1 No
950 mm 470 mm (19") 2,7 kg .223 Rem. (1:9)
7,62×39 (1:9,4)
5 (.223 Rem)
5 (7,62×39)
Detachable magazine Yes SST No 355 mm Walnut Oil Forged No No
950 mm 470 mm (19") 2,7 kg .223 Rem. (1:9)
7,62×39 (1:9,4)
5 (.223 Rem.)
5 (7,62×39)
Detechable magazine Yes SST No 355 mm Polymer Soft-touch Forged No No
1025 mm 555 mm (22") 2,6 kg .223 Rem. (1:9) 3 (.223 Rem.) Detachable magazine No SST No 355 mm Polymer soft-touch Forged M14x1 Yes
1077 mm 600 mm (24") 2,8 kg .22 Hornet (1:16)
.223 Rem. (1:9)
5 (.22 Hornet)
5 (.223 Rem.)
Detachable magazine Yes SST Yes 360 mm Walnut Oil Forged No No
1025 mm 555 mm (22") 2,7 kg .22 Hornet (1:16)
.223 Rem. (1:9)
6,5 Grendel (1:8)
7,62×39 (1:9,4)
5 (.22 Hornet)
5 (.223 Rem)
5 (6,5 Grendel)
5 (7,62×39)
Detachable magazine No SST No 355 mm Walnut Paint Forged No No
1062 mm 610 mm (24") 3,6 kg .17 Hornet (1:9)
.223 Rem. (1:9)
5 (.17 Hornet)
5 (.223 Rem.)
Detachable magazine No SST No 355 mm Laminated wood Paint Forged M15x1 No

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