Rimfire rifles CZ 512 series


Take seven decades of experience with the development and manufacture of rimfire rifles, mix it with unique know-how for the challenging design and production of automatic firearms, and season it with the most advanced manufacturing technologies. What do you get? The best semi-automatic rimfire rifles on the market!

Main features of the CZ 512 series

Highly durable duralumin receiver

A long service life is ensured by the use of highly durable, aerospace-grade duralumin on the largest metal component of the firearm, which also significantly reduces weight.

Cold hammer forged barrel

The most demanding, precise and expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibers, which positively affects its accuracy and service life.

Optimized dynamic bolt

The dynamic bolt is optimized for reliability with all types of cartridges.

Charging handle

The charging handle allows for reliable loading, even by shooters with less strength for operation of the firearm.

Lateral sliding safety

Safe operation is increased by a lateral sliding safety, which secures the firearm with a round in the chamber and the firing mechanism cocked, if required.

Ergonomic stock for right- and left-handed shooters

Whether you’re a right-handed shooter, or using your left hand together with a right or left dominant eye, you can take full advantage of the 512’s symmetrical stock that’s comfortable in both cases.

Product Testimonial

19. 3. 2022 13:33
10 / 10
Bill Sawatsky (CZ 512)
Bought the CZ 512 based on the excellent performance of the 457 rifles I have. The 512 is an amazing firearm for reliability and accuracy. It shoots half moa groups all day long with just about any ammo I feed it! Functional reliability has been 100% with about 600 rounds so far and cleaning is so easy with the excellent design for takedown. CZ quality for price is by far the best that can be had and I highly recommend the 512!

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