Rimfire rifles CZ 512 series

Shooting with rimfire rifles has never been so comfortable and fast!

Take seven decades of experience with the development and manufacture of long guns for rimfire cartridges, mix it with the unique know-how concerning the challenging design and production of automatic firearms, season with the most advanced manufacturing technologies and you get the best semi-automatic rimfire rifles on the market. 

The main advantages of the CZ 512 model series are perfect balance, high accuracy and exceptional reliability in both basic calibres, the .22 LR and .22 WMR (the former also applies to HV and Subsonic cartridges). All this has largely been achieved by the simple modern design using a dynamic bolt and sophisticated polymer magazines.   

Thanks to the ingenious modularity, there is the traditional model with easy sight alignment of the iron sights, grooves on the top of the receiver for the attachment of a riflescope mount and a symmetrical lacquered beech stock, as well as the “tactical” model in the style of AR rifles, equipped with an extendable stock, aluminium forend and a long Weaver rail. Both are first-rate firearms that will bring users many hours of pleasure and excellent results whether using their guns for hunting, sport or hobby shooting. 

Main features CZ 512 series

Frame made of highly durable aircraft duralumin

The long service life of the weapon results from the use of highly durable aircraft duralumin on the largest metal part of the firearm, which significantly reduces the weight.

Cold-forged barrel

The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibres, which positively affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel.

Optimized dynamic slide

The dynamic slide is optimized for reliability with all types of cartridges.

Cocking handle

The cocking handle allows reliable loading of the firearm even by shooters with less control strength.

Laterally sliding safety

Safety of operation is increased by a laterally sliding safety, which secures the firearm with a round in the chamber and the firing mechanism cocked if need be.

Ergonomic stock suitable for both right-handers and left-handers

Whether your interest group includes right-handers or shooters using their left hand together with a right or left control eye, you can take full advantage of a symmetrical stock for any type of shooter.

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