This much admired submachine gun from Uherský Brod vz. 61 Skorpion, the original compact semi-automatic weapon in 7.65 mm Browning (.32 ACP) comes to be offered in solely semi-automatic version.

This model of Skorpion designed by Česká zbrojovka is made of original parts that have been re-built to function as a semi-automatic only; left-sided selector, which at the same time serves as manual safety has only two positions; one for safe and the other for single shots mode of fire. In all other aspects this weapon retains technical parameters and excellent properties of the original version. This makes presented model simple and reliable in operation with efficient firing range when shooting from the shoulder is 150 m and 50 when shooting from your hand. Further properties include simple disassembly, exceptional durability, and long service life of all major parts.

The Skorpion in semiautomatic version makes a perfect choice for variety of sport shooting disciplines and can be effectively used also for life, health or property protection.

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Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 1,28 Kg
Caliber (rate of twist) 7x65 Browning (8,6")
Magazine capacity 10, 20
Frame Steel
Width 43 mm
Barrel length 115 mm
Overall length 517x152x43 (lenght x height x width)