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A perfect gun that ranks your shooting experience and results at an absolute top. The superb design base of this model has been improved by precisely targeted gunsmithing modifications and the use of top-quality sport parts.

The word Orange in the name of these CZ sport pistols stands for the highest possible quality and absolute top performance. The same is of course true for this model as well. It has been based on the CZ SHADOW 2 pistol which currently occupies the podium in the Production Division at the most prestigious international IPSC events. The ORANGE model, distinguishable at first glance by the new design of its aluminium grip panels in the typical orange colour, has been brought to perfection by tried and tested gunsmithing modifications. The main parts are hand fitted, the trigger mechanism is set for perfectly smooth trigger travel and has a shortened reset. The barrel is polished and to improve the already high accuracy, there is also a barrel bushing. Furthermore, the pistol is equipped with an IPSC hammer and an adjustable aluminium magazine release catch. The magazine has an aluminium base and the enlarged left safety catch provides better grip. A set of flat safeties and a flat slide stop can be purchased additionally.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 1,33 Kg
Caliber 9×19
Frame Steel
Grips Aluminium
Trigger SA/DA
Safety features Hammer safety notch, Manual safety
Sights Fibre optic, Adjustable
Magazine capacity 19/10
Overall height, width, lenght 157/34/217 mm
Barrel length 120 mm or 125 mm (with barrel ramp)

Compatible accessories