CZ P-07 Kadet

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 The trigger mechanism allows users to change hammer decocking and manual safety:

 On the gun may be a manual safety or decocking.

 The package may include, according to design, one or two drivers.



CZ P-07 Kadet

Rimfire conversion kits for large calibre semi-automatic pistols are a great invention. Needless to say, life with weapons is all about money. If you want to shoot well, you need to practice a lot. And if you happen to be an average mortal earning an ordinary income, you will certainly welcome the opportunity to enjoy your hobby or even profession as much as possible without significant damage to the family budget.

Nowadays, one can practice realistic shooting with various devices and often you don’t even have to go to a shooting range. But even the various devices where you "shoot" with a laser beam, airsoft guns and RAM guns cannot satisfactorily simulate the real magic moment of firing a real cartridge. Not to mention that some of these gadgets are quite expensive toys. So when you want to save, as well as do some real shooting, you usually go for the timeless .22 LR cartridge.

The first Kadet

In general, we can say that a more or less successful rimfire conversion kit is today available for most pistols of renowned brands. In the case of the globally popular CZ 75 series, it has been true since the mid 1990s, when the conversion kit with the apt name Kadet appeared on the market and which is still used by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod today. It wasn’t the only attempt to rebuild the 75 to .22, but as far as known, it was and continues to be by far the most successful.

The 75 Kadet belongs in the conversion category where lifetime is more important than maximum resemblance to the model. Its base is a stationary adapter created from the slide of an ordinary CZ 75/85. Inside, there is a lighter, yet still made of steel, dynamic slide with its own, suitably weakened recoil spring. Interestingly, a 75 magazine is used, into which a rimfire insert is fitted with its own follower and spring. It can hold 10 cartridges in total. The accuracy of the Kadet is such that it pays to fit it with a rear sight with micrometrical adjustment.

Regarding function, there are no complaints about the Kadet for CZ 75 pistols. However, correct alignment is important. When someone gets an assembled rimfire 75 directly from the factory, he doesn’t have to worry; but most customers buy the conversion kit for their guns later. In this case, it is worth entrusting the fitting of the conversion kit to a specialized workshop or gunsmith.

Kadet 2

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod had the first Kadet designed by the well-known Moravian gunsmith Antonín Zendl. However, before it entered production, Česká zbrojovka fine-tuned the conversion kit and used the experience from serial production for the development of additional models. For example, did you know that a rimfire kit was created for the sport special, the CZ 75 Tactical Sports? Unfortunately, only the prototype remains, as is the case for a reduced .22 conversion for the CZ 75 D Compact.

Nevertheless, five years ago a 75 Kadet 2 came into production with which the Uherský Brod company expanded its portfolio. The new generation of the Uherský Brod rimfire conversion kit is thus suitable for all current versions of the CZ 75 pistol (including the CZ 75 Ω), CZ 85 and CZ 75 SP-01. You can also use it on compact models, that is, if you can get over a certain disproportion and the fact that the kit line does not follow the shape of the frame. Unfortunately, owners of the CZ 75 Tactical Sports pistol and the polymer CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom are still unlucky.

07 Kadet

Until now, the same was also true for the otherwise happy owners of the CZ P-07. But now a rimfire conversion kit is entering the market just for this ultramodern polymer compact. I can vividly imagine the owners’ eyes of this compact lighting up. In addition, owners of the previous version of the CZ 75 P-07 Duty can join them too, since this conversion fits them without any problems.

At the very first glance it is obvious that this time a different route was taken compared to both the 75 Kadets. After all, the kit for the CZ P-07 is the work of the masterminds of this successful weapon. Regarding their development line, which also includes the already mentioned Duty and standard size CZ P-07, they do a lot of things differently than we are used to with the traditional CZ 75 family – their approach is more modern, more efficient and more economical without sacrificing quality and reliability.

The crucial decision was to approach the adapter as a whole. The 75 Kadet is great in that it is an all-steel model. When one thinks about it more seriously, it is a luxury. After all, high quality alloy would serve well for a rimfire, which would mean simpler production and lower weight as well as meeting the required service life without problems.

Thanks to the choice of a suitable material, the rimfire CZ P-07 has a slide which at first glance resembles the 9mm Luger model. Identical outer dimensions, equally spaced cocking grooves. A change comes with the sights: the steel rear sight is taken from the Shadow model (and rumour says that soon there will also be a brand new fully adjustable one). As a result of the recoil mechanism being shifted a bit more to the rear, the kit for .22 LR cal. has a longer recoil spring cover on the bottom part of the slide. The plastic guide also comes from the P-07; however, the recoil spring is wound from an ordinary round wire instead of a wire with a rectangular cross section, and its characteristic allows it to function reliably with rimfire cartridges.

In the adapter, there is a 95 mm, cold forged rimfire barrel with a right hand 16 inch lead and with the outer diameter only a little over 2 mm less than the 9 mm Luger. So if the most basic rules of maintenance are adhered to, it will most definitely outlive you. At the rear, where the cartridge chamber is, the barrel has a robust prismatic block with the same dimensions as the 9mm barrel, and in the bottom part there is a projection with a hole for the axis of the slide stop which connects the slide and the barrel unit with the frame. All this means that the slide naturally remains unlocked (dynamic) and the barrel fixed, or to be more precise, stationary. This in turn implies that compared with a large calibre pistol, the .22 cartridge chamber is shifted by about 7 mm rearward, because in its basic form, the slide of the CZ P-07 is locked by the tilting barrel (modified Browning). 

A fundamental change for users in comparison with the 75 Kadet is easy fitting. The adapter for the CZ P-07 is designed and manufactured in such a way that you can remove the slide and the barrel unit with the recoil spring from your large calibre model in the usual manner, then attach the rimfire adapter with its barrel and recoil spring – and the job is done. Plus, of course, you must replace the magazine. It’s completely brand new, holds ten cartridges and it’s extremely reliable.

The Kit and the pistol

The rimfire CZ P-07 is overall proving to be extremely reliable. As part of the development and the subsequent extensive testing prior to its launch onto the market, it has had great results not only with the most popular .22 LR cartridges, but it can also handle many of the less standard variants. And it does not matter one bit if an already assembled gun is tested or if it is a kit mounted on the originally larger calibre weapon. However, to be sure that everything works as it should, it is better to stick to conventional cartridge loads.

Also deserving a mention is the business strategy that Česká zbrojovka adopted when introducing the CZ P-07 Kadet. Only the conversion kit is intended for the US market. For the rest of the world, a rimfire pistol will be available with the frame in a starter colour of Urban grey RAL 7030. It is a popular shade which clearly distinguishes this model from its high calibre version. The question is how long will it stay like this, because you can of course attach onto this frame a 9 or .40 slide – and this grey is just plain sexy. What is more, if this model is successful on the market, frames in different colours will certainly follow.

Let us also add that the basic CZ P-07 Kadet model comes in the safety version with the usual ambidextrous controls. Another safety feature is the hammer safety lug. With the 07 Kadet, or to be more precise, the complete rimfire CZ P-07 Kadet, the popular family of the omega CZ polymer pistols gains a successful and above all a useful member. It will undoubtedly be received with great enthusiasm. It retains all the advantages of a high calibre P 07, the controls are exactly the same which is essential for training and practice, it is reliable, accurate and looks good. And in addition – it sells for a very reasonable price. The price differs slightly in various regions, but in general, the conversion kit itself costs about half of the high calibre CZ P-07. Doesn’t that sound great? And that's not all: for the complete rimfire pistol you pay only a few thousand more than for the conversion kit. Simply great news all around.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 0,56 Kg
Caliber .22 LR
Frame Polymer
Trigger SA/DA
Safety features Hammer decocking, Hammer safety notch, Manual safety
Sights Fixed
hammer decocking Yes
Magazine capacity 10
Overall height, width, lenght 137/37,5/191 mm
Barrel length 103 mm