CZ BREN 2 is a multi-calibre assault rifle of new design from CZ duty weapons production range. It was designed to satisfy the most demanding users from the ranks of special units and armed forces operating anywhere in the world. The system of the weapon is based on well-proven gas system with three-position adjustable regulator of the piston mechanism. Extreme reliability and durability of the weapon in all conditions. High accuracy and long service life Low weight and compact dimensions for quick and comfortable handling of the weapon. New design enabling intuitive control of the weapon Elaborated ergonomy with excellent shooting behaviour The materials used are fire-proof or highly flame-resistant, impact-resistant, and they feature high resistance against mechanical damage. Basic disassembling and reassembling of the weapon for regular maintenance can be done without the use of any tools.

  • 4 mount rails according to MIL-STD 1913
  • Folding telescopic stock - New trigger mechanism
  • Independent cocking lever with the possibility to the bolt home
  • Bolt catch with two controls for bolt release
  • All weapon controls are ambidextrous
  • Pistol grip with storage space
  • Replaceable pistol grip backs
  • Folding diopter mechanical sights
  • Magazine shaft for NATO standard magazines
  • Rigid duralumin body of the weapon with highly resistant coating

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 3,10 Kg
Caliber (rate of twist) 5,56x45 NATO, 7,62x39 (9,4")
Magazine capacity 30
Frame Aluminum alloy
Width 80/104 ± 5mm
Barrel length 8"- 207, 11"- 280, 14"- 357 - 5,56x45 NATO; 9"- 227, 11"- 280, 14"- 357 - 7,62x39
Overall length 505/684-733 (8"), 577/762-807 (11"), 657/840-884 (14") - 5,56x45 NATO; 525/706-753 (9"), 577/762-807 (11"), 657/840-884 (14")- 7,62x39