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The CZ 75 TS ORANGE pistol belongs to a family of sports weapons that are based on successful and popular models, and due to precisely targeted modifications of key details, their quality is further improved.

CZ 75 TS ORANGE features a number of special modifications, which are usually required for competitive handguns:

  • Tuned single-action (SA) trigger
  • Hand-fitted polished barrel
  • Slide hand-fitted to frame
  • Slightly modified shape of frame, following the Czechmate design
  • New checkering of the frame significantly increasing security of grip as well as shooting comfort
  • Flat orange aluminium grips and thumb rest
  • AL magazine funnel for faster and smoother reloading
  • Adjustable rear sight and front sight with 1mm red optical fibre
  • Set of buffers for recoil included in package
  • Available not only in 9x19 and 9x21 but also .40 S&W

Springs in the original package:
Main spring in gun 20 lb, packed 13 + 16 lb
Recoil spring in gun 16 lb, packed 11 + 13 lb


CZ 75 TS Orange: a labour of love

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod concentrates primarily on large-scale production of weapons. Every year this modern arms factory, located in southeast Moravia sends tens of thousands of pistols, rifles, small calibre rifles and air guns all over the world. Recently, the company has once again begun producing service automatic weapons on a large scale. Besides these activities, Česká zbrojovka also engages in the development and manufacture of various special guns for sport shooting on a substantially smaller scale.

Regarding pistols, the tradition dates back to the early nineteen-nineties, when the company management, realizing the importance and growing popularity of sport shooting according to the IPSC rules, gave the green light to the first models derived from the timeless bestseller, the CZ 75. Indeed, it was not difficult to comprehend what a huge marketing potential this attractive sport discipline had.

As everybody, who has at least a slight interest in IPSC shooting knows, the weapons and shooters of Česká zbrojovka had already ranked among the world’s best in late nineteen-nineties and have occupied that position ever since. This fact is reflected not only in several World Champion titles, but also by a brief look at results tables from any international contest of importance.

For some time, the strongest discipline “Production” has been dominated by the phenomenal CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW model, directly derived from the standard CZ 75.Furthermore, the CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE model has lately been establishing itself more and more in the prestigious Open division, aptly described as the “Formula 1“ of the IPSC.

The CZECHMATE has come to the fore after quite a long time, as in competitions, the Česká zbrojovka team used individually tuned CZ pistols, created by using standard parts. The best performing weapons were those based on the frame of the popular sports model, the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS. And since the successes brought increased demand, at the end of the first decade of the new millennium, a decision was made in Uherský Brod to develop a new pistol with tuning features, based on the Tactical and drawing on the vast amount of experience from the company’s shooting team. The new pistol was designed to deliver top sporting performance in a “from the box” version.

Triumphant CZECHMATE

The CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE 9 mm Luger calibre high capacity pistol (9x21 calibre version is also available for markets where the civil use of the “niner Luger” is banned) began to be produced in a small series in 2009. And it was an immediate success! The CZECHMATE is effectively custom-made, which means that the hands of the highly experienced gunsmiths from Uherský Brod who have built personal weapons for the world’s best shooters can work their magic here. The individual components are carefully fitted, run in and tested. Each pistol is fitted with a hybrid four-chamber compensator, a muzzle nut (with exchangeable front sight) for shooting without the compensator, a slide lock with a lengthened catch, a connecting pin (in place of the slide lock which is not used by most shooters in the Open Division), attractive anatomic aluminium grips with a new type of scoring and a side mounting for the C-more collimator. For shooting without the collimator, a standard Tactical Sports target rear sight is part of the basic kit, with the front sight (bead) being a part of the nut used for shooting without the compensator . The CZECHMATE is equipped with a magazine funnel, an ambidextrous manual safety and a recoil spring on a long guide pin, complete with an outer guide for the spring near the barrel muzzle. The capacity of the basic magazine is 20 rounds, for the Open Division it is advisable to buy a lengthened magazine for 27 rounds of 9 mm Luger calibre.

The carry case also contains two spare barrels, although it is questionable whether they would ever be used. It is known that the top Česká zbrojovka shooter Martin Kameníček, who participated in the development of this model, fired more than 150 000 rounds over five years from his CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE and only had to replace the barrel once, since after such a trial, its accuracy did start to decrease.

Despite the fact that the quality of this weapon is fully comparable to the custom-made specials, Česká zbrojovka has succeeded in keeping its selling price within reasonable limits. An indicative price is about three- to four-times the price of a standard CZ 75, which certainly is a decent sum. This is reflected in good sales, which shows that even here the Uherský Brod factory assessed the market well, naturally considering this specific category, when a sale of hundreds units is considered a success.

From a Parrot to an Orange

In 2012, the commercial success of the basic version of the CZECHMATE combined with a parallel effort to satisfy the incessant demand for new products brought into being a new version - the Parrot. As its name clearly suggests, Česká zbrojovka thus reacted to new trends in shooting according to the IPSC rules, where emphasis on the “as sporty as possible” look of weapons is nowadays increasingly placed.

The Parrot of Uherský Brod certainly lives up to its name. Its trigger and magazine baseplate are radiant red, the magazine funnel is light green, the flat aluminium grips are anodised yellow and the cocking lever fitted in place of the rear sight is violet. And to make it even better, the C-more collimator’s mounting has been given a new blue coat. But the new colouring is not all: compared to the standard CZECHMATE model, the Parrot has also received a redesigned cock and trigger.

The interest these multicoloured pistols received has exceeded all expectations. Česká zbrojovka has again scored with regard to the current taste of sport shooters. Therefore, it has only been a question of time of when and how to follow this trend. Ultimately, the company has decided to follow the path that has proved successful in the case of the SHADOW model. Since 2012, this model has also been in production in the popular partially-tuned Orange version, featuring accessories in a characteristic orange colour (aluminium grips and magazine funnel) which are not normally available to purchase additionally, and a number of other gimmicks.

Applying this strategy to the TS model, a brand new Orange version has been created, allowing the company designers and shooters to have a field day. Although caressing would possibly be a more appropriate term, as the resulting piece lets one see how meticulously and patiently the team of authors has considered and tested each and every detail.

Like the already mentioned SHADOW, the TS Orange also attracts one’s attention, especially the classy orange aluminium grips and the magazine funnel, complemented by floorplates in the same colour. Besides these aesthetic changes, the new sporting special from Uherský Brod boasts an unexpectedly long list of other improvements.

Thus we notice a hand-fitted polished barrel, improving upon the already excellent accuracy of the basic model. What is more, the barrels are made from a slightly different material, which together with the modifications increased their life while maintaining their accuracy. From the point of view of a shooter, this will certainly be the more important factor, as there is hardly anyone on Earth who is able to tell the difference in accuracy between the original version and the new Orange.

The pistol frame has a slightly modified shape, which has become known as the CZECHMATE DESIGN. The gripping surfaces are covered in a new checkering pattern, ensuring a safe grip under all conditions, helped by the already mentioned flat aluminium grips and thumb rest. Overall, we can talk about enhancing the shooter’s comfort (although it is not something the users complained about with previous variants).

As it is usual for these CZ specials, during the manufacture of the Orange model the slide is hand-fitted to the frame to minimize any clearance and achieve maximum reliability and accuracy. The tried and tested magazine funnel allows for quick reloading. The tuned single-action (SA) trigger combined with the angular cock ensures a split-second discharge at exactly the moment a shooting situation demand requires it.

The front sight of the TS Orange with mechanical sights is made of a 1mm red optical fibre, an innovation in this model line (which may not please everybody but corresponds with current trends), and an adjustable rear sight.

The surface finish of the frame is done with the well-proved black paint with high resistance to wear, a feature which will no doubt be especially welcome by particularly avid shooters. The slide is in matt black finish.

The Orange from Uherský Brod is supplied in a large plastic carry case with cut-outs for the weapon and its accessories, the obligatory oil, and –which is rather unusual - a set of buffers for recoil reduction ,and a thumb rest.

In addition, the TS Orange is not available just in the two ‘nines’ (9 mm Luger and 9x21 IMI), but a version for the popular .40 S&W calibre is being prepared.

A great choice

The CZ 75 TS Orange pistol belongs to a family of weapons that are based on successful and popular models, and due to precisely targeted modifications of key details, their quality is further improved. This approach represents a very sensible way of addressing the continuous demand for innovations.

This approached has recently proved successful for Česká zbrojovka regarding several types of weapons ( e.g. the trio of exceptionally successful Shadow Line pistols) and the emerging Orange in our opinion , continues in this trend and does its manufacturer great credit.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 1,27 Kg
Caliber .40 S&W, 9×19, 9×21
Frame Steel
Grips Aluminium
Trigger Single action
Safety features Hammer safety notch, Manual safety
Sights Adjustable
Magazine capacity 9x19 kapacita 20 .40 S&W kapacita 17
Overall height, width, lenght 150x45x225 mm
Barrel length 130 mm


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