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CZ 4M Lancer

The CZ 4M Lancer represents the most advanced ballistic protection for high-risk operations. This vest offers maximum protection combined with a unique anatomical design which evenly distributes the weight on the wearer´s chest and back, thus avoiding excessive load on the shoulders as is common in all rival products of this class. This feature is further enhanced by a patented system of fastening that provides a secure and accurate fit while allowing the wearer to adjust the size as required. In addition, the vest may be tightened with classic Velcro strap system.

The vest is equipped with a quick release system that ensures the vest falls apaer reliably even when in full configuration. The removable 3D ventilation inserts help heat and moisture to escape. The HCP® neck protector allows the use of helmet or shooting in a prone position. The 3-piece groin protector is suitable for use in a vehicle and does not restrict movement while overcoming obstacles. The CZ 4M Lancer vest is compatible with the MTB® tactical ballistic belt.

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