CZ 4M FOP 35

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CZ 4M FOP 35

The CZ 4M FOP 35 combat backpack has been designed for a wide range of operations. It can be used as an escape backpack, a backpack for short patrols and with the addition of interior accessories also as a specialist backpack. There are two compartments, a smaller one at the front and larger one at the back. The shoulder straps and waist belt are adjustable. The shoulder straps can also be replaced with special ones designed for use with a ballistic vest. What is more, the carrying system of the 60L backpack may be used when the load exceed 15 Kg.

Additional outer pockets can be attached to the backpack to increase its volume to 60L. In an emergency, the quick release system allows the user to drop the actual pack with the shouled straps, while the waist belt remains attached to the user. The front pocket can be supplied with a conceales PDW holster (e.g. CZ Scorpion EVO)

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