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Brno Competition




A pair of competition specials named BRNO COMPETITION, designed for TRAP / DOUBLETRAP / SKEET shooting events are the latest products of the company located in the town of Brno, the company which took production of firearms from Zbrojovka Brno.

Already series production of stock and fore-end, manufactured from hand-picked walnut wood meets basic requirements of above named competition disciplines. Application of stains for the surface treatment of the stock enhances the colour of wood which by this acquires fine honey appearance. The buttplate is outfitted with a sliding border. Both of these firearms are equipped with manual safety. The trigger mechanism incorporates three-position system and overall appearance is augmented by gilded trigger blade. The barrels caliber 12, with a length of 760 (710) mm are equipped with the 70 mm or 76 mm chamber. As a matter of course are interchangeable chokes and fibre optics front sight. These firearms can be bought with a set of match fitted spare parts; this set also includes a second set of interchangeable chokes.

The superposed shotgun Brno 800 Competition was created especially for competition purposes, particularly for the disciplines TRAP, DOUBLETRAP and SKEET. Its stock and forearm meet the basic demands of the disciplines TRAP/SKEET while the surface is treated by polishing. The safety of the weapon is manual.

These new models are completely different from the standard versions:

• The trigger mechanism of these models has three positions, the trigger blade is gilded
• The firearm possesses interchangeable chokes
• The front sight is equipped with an optic fibre and it is possible to mount a mid-bead sight as well (a bronze sight)
• The buttplate is provided with rounded edges
• The surface treatment of the receiver is made by plasma nitriding, the firearm also features a fine sporting motive and a hand-made gilded inscription
• Both the stock and the forearm are made from high quality wood „Kern Gutter"
• The weapon has a matched set of spare parts (ejectors, firing pins, springs and a spare set of interchangeable chokes)
• Ejectors, front desk and the surface of the barrel collar are provided with ringlets

*Together with the matched spare parts set the customer will obtain 8 pieces of interchangeable chokes.

In case of interest we are ready to do custom-made adjustments on demand of client, such as:

- Custom – made stock according to the specification of the shooter as well as balancing of the weapon „on the pin“.
- Gilded safety
- Surface treatment of the front desk using titanium nitride in gold colour
- Surface treatment of the interchangeable chokes using titanium nitride
- Initials inscribed in the lower part of the pistol grip
- System of interchangeable buttplates called Quick-Lock
- And other custom-made adjustments on the demand of the client

* At extra cost

Under tag DOWNLOAD please find "Shotgun Cartridges Application - 12 ga." having steel shots load - Brno Rifles STEEL SHOT.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 3,35 Kg
Trigger Single trigger
Choke Multi
Barrel hammer forged
Chamber lenght 70
Caliber (rate of twist) 12/12
Magazine capacity 2
Stock walnut
Width 43 mm
Height 190 mm
Barrel length 760/710 mm
Overall length 1200/1150 mm


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