Our vests tested by the French Army and counter-terrorist teams

Právo (Czech Republic), 28.05.2018, František Tichý


* When was your company, which is based in Prague, established and what was its turnover last year?

4M Systems was established at the beginning of 2015 and has brought together the experiences of members from special units of the Police and Army Forces in the Czech Republic. The intention of the very small team of people that was there at the start was to bring new ideas and innovative technical solutions into the tactical equipment field of business, dealing with products such as bulletproof vests, backpacks and other equipment used by the police and the military. At the end of that year we were noticed by the management of Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod and at the beginning of 2016, 4M Systems became a part of the holding. By becoming a sister company of our largest firearms manufacturer, 4M Systems has undertaken the responsibility for the development and manufacture of accessories for their weapon production. Our annual turnover is around CZK 50 million.

* Does 4M Systems supply more to the Czech Republic or abroad?

Two years ago, our company began to actively participate in tenders in the Czech Republic and has already achieved success. Our CZ 4M bulletproof vests are now used by the Police of the Czech Republic as well as police officers in several municipal and city police departments, members of the prison service and also by special units of the Kenyan Army. Our tactical equipment is sold on global markets under the brand name CZ 4M in 95 countries. In addition, such an extensive network of partners has also had a positive effect on the 4M development centre, as user experience from so many different conditions enable us to constantly improve our products.

* Who do you cooperate with regarding the manufacture and testing?

All CZ 4M products are tested in real conditions. We therefore cooperate with many colleagues from various police and army units. With regard to foreign countries, we maintain long-term cooperation with special units in Colombia, Uzbekistan and Kenya. Our products are tested by members of the French Army and Police, as well as by counter-terrorist teams in Australia and New Zealand. Where the development of backpacks, helmets and performance clothing is concerned, we cooperate with professionals from the relevant field. Our ballistic helmets are developed in cooperation with a British company, UNITED SHIELD, and our performance wear is marketed under the brand name CZ 4M-MOIRA.

* What are all the products you offer?

Our portfolio includes a complete line of equipment, from performance wear, socks and hats to combat uniforms, bulletproof vests and backpacks. Hence we are able to clothe and equip a member of any security or military force with everything he or she might need in combat or service. In particular, we offer a highly varied selection of bulletproof vests, including concealed ballistic t-shirts and vests for the secret service and security guards. Our vests have been used, for example, to equip the Kenyan special army forces unit this year and the Kenyan Army is now looking into using the vests in all units. So our annual testing and service for the members of Special Forces is indeed worthwhile. The CZ 4M vests will thus most probably become a standard part of military equipment in this growing African army.

* However, you were not successful in the tender put out by the Czech Ministry of Defence last year.

Our vests met all the required parameters which were verified by control tests as well as military tests. The vest was officially put into use in the Czech Army, nevertheless, supplies were stopped because of differing views with regard to the control procedures stipulated in the contract.

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Právo, 28.5.2018