CZ supports ARMY TEST in Olomouc

CZ, as a founding member of the Association for Support of Active Reserves, sponsors a majority of activities of the Association. It was not any different in the case of a publicly attractive event called ARMY TEST. The third of these tests this year - following the events in Jablonec nad Nisou and Praha – took place on Thursday, 31 May 2018, in Olomouc, in the Heyrovského Primary School. This ARMY TEST took place under the patronage of the commander of the Centre for Support of Special Forces, Lt.-Col. Tomáš Skácel.

ARMY TEST provides motivation for physical activity and demonstrates to the public what requirements on physical abilities, in addition to other abilities and skills, members of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic must meet. Everyone can have a try in the five disciplines and find out whether their physical condition is sufficient for entering the Czech Army. The test is intended for children and adults from 6 to 60 years of age, and the level for children is set in such a way that a majority of them can pass the test. Requirements gradually rise up to 18 years of age, when requirements on physical condition of army men and women are highest. "I would like to thank CZ and other partners for supporting this useful activity," says Ludvík Cimburek, an advisor to the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic for active reserves. "CZ deserves recognition for its general active approach to Active Reserves.“

CZ, as the largest manufacturer of firearms in the Czech Republic, supports activities of Active Reserves. The company is a major supplier of weapons to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and more than a few of its employees are former members of the Armed Forces or police. Numerous CZ employees have undergone compulsory basic military service. And it is necessary to mention that a lot of CZ employees are holders of gun certificates. In this way, the interests and requirements on their civilian profession merge with moral responsibility for defence and security of our country. Also, CZ recognizes the attitude of its employees who have become members of Active Reserves, and pays their salaries for the period these employees participate in military exercise, as the first employer in the country. "It is quite logical that CZ supports various activities related to Active Reserves," says Ladislav Britaňák, Executive Manager of the company. "Not long ago there was an exercise of Active Reserves of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic called 'Hradba (Bastion) 2018', whose objective was to guard the arms factory as an object important for state defence. I am glad that, in addition to such events as exercises, we can support, for example, ARMY TEST, which is intended for wide public."









Photo source: ARMY TEST, CPSS - Centrum podpory speciálních sil (Center of Special Forces Support)