8 medals for CZ shooters at Infinity Open 2018

Between 18 and 20 May 2018, the German town of Philippsburg hosted an Infinity Open event, where competitors in IPSC practical shooting gathered not only from all of Europe but also from more distant countries such as Argentine or Brazil. Shooters from the CZ factory team reached as many as 8 medals.

In the Standard division, CZ Shooting team shooters managed to occupy all medal positions with Zdeněk Liehne taking gold, Petr Znamenáček silver and Josef Rakušan bronze, all with the pistol CZ 75 TS Orange. In the Production division, they won two medals with the pistols CZ Shadow 2, when the silver medallist Robin Šebo was beaten only by the eight-time world champion Eric Grauffel. Michal Štěpán had a very successful competition, which is evidenced by his beautiful bronze medal. In the Open division, Miroslav Havlíček came second with the pistol CZ 75 TS Czechmate.

Lady shooters from the CZ Shooting Team were equally successful. They took the first two positions in the Open division and the Lady category. In this competition, Maria Gushchina, usually competing in the Production category, had an opportunity to try the Open division. And she managed to beat all her competitors and won the gold medal. In addition, her team-mate Martina took silver in the Lady category.


Competition results:

STANDARD division

  1. Zdeněk Liehne, CZ Shooting Team 100.00 %
  2. Petr Znamenáček, CZ Shooting Team 97.05 %
  3. Josef Rakušan, CZ Shooting Team 94.23 %


  1. Erik Grauffel (FRA) 100.00 %
  2. Robin Šebo, CZ Shooting Team 96.03 %
  3. Michal Štěpán, CZ Shooting Team 95.61 %

OPEN division

  1. Emile Obriot (FRA) 100.00 %
  2. Miroslav Havlíček, CZ Shooting Team 95.13 %
  3. Frank Witters (BEL) 93.15 % (Senior category)

OPEN division Lady category

  1. Maria Gushchina (RUS), CZ Shooting Team
  2. Martina Šerá, CZ Shooting Team


Robin Šebo



Michal Štěpán


Erik Grauffel and Michal Štěpán (on the right)