Tomáš Staněk Champion of the Czech Republic in Combined Game Shooting 2018

On Saturday, 28th April 2018, the Czech Republic Combined Game Shooting Championship took place at the Hvězda shooting range in Kotojedy near Kroměříž.  Tomáš Staněk, a factory shooter from CZ became the Champion of the Czech Republic, while the silver medal went to Martin Šlechta. Both used the CZ 527 Varmint in .222 Remington cal.

Two members of the CZ Shooting Team, Tomáš Staněk and Martin Šlechta, triumphed in the combined game shooting event. Martin Šlechta achieved the best result in the rifle event, losing only two points, Tomáš Staněk took the lead in the shotgun events where he scored 376 points. Ultimately, he became the overall winner of both events with a total score of 770 points, thus gaining the title of Champion of the Czech Republic in Combined Game Shooting 2018. In the women’s event, Michaela Štenglová became a gold medallist with 644 points.

The weather was great throughout the day and the Championship saw 36 competitors taking part in several categories: Men A, Men B (who had achieved less than 720 points out of 800 in the last two years, and beginners), Juniors, Seniors (Veterans), Ladies and Guests. The participants demonstrated their skill in several disciplines: game trench, two game compaks, running boar and game rifle with fixed targets.

As the main sponsor of the event, CZ provided two weapons as prizes– one for the shooter with the best score and one as a prize for a draw for all the contestants.

CZ would like to say a big thank you to the organizers for their great work, offer their congratulations to all the winners and wish everyone the best of success in this year’s shooting season, culminating with the European Championships in Italy.

The overall results:

  1. Tomáš Staněk 770 points
  2. Martin Šlechta 766 points
  3. Pavel Zázvorka 762 points

Men A

  1. Tomáš Staněk 770 points
  2. Martin Šlechta 766 points
  3. Karel Staněk 732 points

Men B

  1. Igor Můčka 736 points
  2. Jiří Štengl 731 points
  3. Zdeněk Veleba 687 points


  1. Michal Můčka 716 points
  2. Martin Divíšek 639 points
  3. Přemysl Macl 580 points


  1. Pavel Zázvorka 762 points
  2. Jindřich Kořínek 751 points
  3. Karel Kotrc 740 points


  1. Michaela Štenglová 644 points
  2. Eva Staňková 585 points
  3. Petra Fidlerová 459 points


  1. Anton Molnár 749 points
  2. Juraj Kelecsenyi 737 points
  3. Karel Tomeček 657 points