Looking back at the DSA 2018

Between 16th and 19th April, Česká zbrojovka a.s. and its sister company, CZ 4M Systems a.s., took part in the 16th international Defence Services Asia Exhibition 2018 in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

As the only manufacturer of small firearms at the exhibition, CZ showcased their products at a two storey exhibition stand.  Over the duration of the exhibition, its stand attracted a lot of attention from the visitors, including representatives of all Malaysian Armed Forces.

The company also took this opportunity to introduce their new sniper rifle, the CZ TSR.  With regard to the military portfolio, the company also showcased the CZ Bren 2 and CZ 807 assault rifles, the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 submachine gun, the CZ P-10 C hammerless pistol, as well as the CZ P-09 and P-07 polymer frame service pistols.

Regarding the pistol portfolio, there were two new Optics Ready models, the CZ P-10 C OR and the CZ Shadow 2 OR. Fans of sport shooting were able to appreciate the company’s popular sport models, such as the CZ Shadow 2, CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, and others. CZ 4M Systems exhibited products from their ballistic protection and tactical accessories portfolio.

In the development of the CZ TSR sniper rifle in .308 Winchester cal., which has a 26” barrel and 1:11 rifling, the company worked closely with police and military professionals, it is therefore a weapon primarily intended for military use.  One of its many advantages is great durability and a guaranteed lifetime of 10 000 rounds, based on testing carried out in extreme conditions.  In addition, it offers high accuracy using standard factory ammunition, achieving excellent results of less than 1 MOA over long term, that is, about 2.91 cm at a distance of 100 m. The bolt is fluted, the trigger mechanism is fully adjustable and the same applies to the stock which can be set to fold to either side.

Regarding the Optics Ready pistols, they are models whose slides have been modified to allow easy and highly stable attachment of modern miniature collimator sights. For each model, specially designed mounting plates have been machined and covered with an extremely durable surface finish by nitriding.  The slide modification is the result of unique CZ know-how. Thanks to this, the company has managed to perfectly match the shape of the plates with the design of the weapons, thus achieving an exceptionally low position for the collimator sight without compromising the safety and reliability of the weapon.