Military exercise in Zbrojovka: Test of security alertness

Slovácký deník (Czech Republic), 21. 04. 2018

This year, the national military exercise called Hradba 2018 is taking place in our region, involving 82 members of a reservist infantry regiment and 9 professional soldiers.

Uherský Brod – Dressed in camouflage, an assault rifle in hand, a radio crackling in the waistband, and lots of other necessary combat paraphernalia, further along, another almost identical person.  Around the entrance we see wooden barriers with barbed wire coiled around them. This is the view I get when I arrive at Česká zbrojovka in Uherský Brod. The locals must have noticed an increased presence of military personnel in the town, however, there is no need to panic. It is all a part of an exercise organised by the Active Reserve. The Army of the Czech Republic has selected the local firearms factory as one of the strategic targets that could become a point of interest for a possible enemy. The Director of the Regional Military Headquarters in Zlín, plk. Petr Potyka, explains: “The aim of this exercise is to check the coordination of infantry regiments and to guard strategic buildings. In larger towns, members of the units involved have also joined the local police on their beats.”

But let’s move to the side gate of CZ. An ordinary white car has arrived and the soldier guarding the gate is fully engrossed in a talk with the driver.  And then it comes. Before anyone knows what is happening, another vehicle appears out of nowhere, with two masked attackers inside. One jumps out of the back, the other stays behind the wheel. The sudden arrival mobilizes other members of the military patrol and shots ring out. One soldier falls dead and another has been hit in the leg and crawls to safety. What about the attackers? The driver of the white car is dead and so is one of the attackers. The other attacker has been apprehended by members of the Active Reserve and taken into custody while the police are called.

Two police cars arrive and the apprehended attacker who wanted to infiltrate the premises of the firearms factory is taken away by officers. This scenario is repeated several times over the three-day exercise. Several units test various scenarios that could happen. Petr Potyka describes further: “Some people have tried to get in with a larger group of people coming to work in the morning, others have jumped over the fence to test the alertness of the patrols”.  The exercise is also important to test the coordination of all involved.

The Brigadier General, Jaromír Alan, continues: “For twenty soldiers taking part, this kind of exercise is their first”, adding that the Army intends to increase the numbers of Active Reserve which has 2444 members at present.

Photo description IN ACTION

Members of the Active Reserve on exercise in Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod.

Cvičení ve zbrojovce