Remembering Pavel Jasanský

Last week, the world of Czech sport shooting heard some very sad news. On Thursday, 15th March 2018, Pavel Jasanský, the first Czech IPSC World Champion, passed away.     

Pavel Jasanský was born on 20th May 1968 in Litomyšl. When he was 16, he began attending the Svazarm shooting club in Česká Třebová. He was so successful that he managed to get into the Centre for top level sports in Brno and later to Dukla Plzeň where he stayed on even after completing his compulsory military service.  His specialty was all the ISSF handgun disciplines, in particular large-calibre and rapid shooting pistol at open as well as military events at home and abroad. He was the European Champion in large-calibre pistol too, although he never did take part in the Olympic Games.

After 1990, he took an interest in dynamic shooting disciplines and was one of the founders of practical shooting in the Czech Republic.  In 1993, he and Pavel Gärtner became the first contractual shooters of the newly formed pistol shooting team of Česká zbrojovka a.s. The result of this union was a long series of victories in IPSC shooting and at the national championships, the first international success followed soon after.

The height of Pavel’s career came in 1999, when he became the XII World Shoot Champion in Cebu, the Philippines.   Surprisingly, it wasn't in the Open Division, which Pavel favoured at the time, but in the Modified Division, in which he took part at the suggestion of the then CZ Shooting team manager, Milan Trkulja. The pistol he used was the CZ 75 Modified in .40 S&W cal. that he customised to his own preferences. It proved to have been an excellent move. What is more, the Czech Republic achieved success in the Philippines as a team too, when Jasanský, Lelič, Němeček and Rakušan got silver in the Modified Division.

In 2002, Pavel Jasanský left Dukla Plzeň and a year later, he gave up IPSC shooting.  As a qualified gunsmith, he opened his own workshop in Pilsen where he focused on fine-tuning sport pistols and manufacturing compensators and assemblies. Still, he remained an avid supporter and advocate of CZ pistols. Sadly, the first Czech IPSC World Champion wasn't so lucky in his private life...

Pavel Jasanský died suddenly of heart failure at the age of 49.

In honour of his memory!


Milan Trkulja, CZ Shooting team manager between 1996 and 2014:

For me, Pavel Jasanský was a Shooter with a capital “S”.  He was an excellent gunsmith, unstoppable opponent, yet he was always happy to help even his biggest rivals, with advice or repairs whenever one was needed.  He would always try to find new ways to improve his results, whether by designing a new gadget for his weapon or by changing his approach to training.  He always supported me in my management and took my advice which was one of the things that contributed to him becoming the first World Champion in the history of Czech practical shooting as well as for CZ. I feel honoured to have had him in my team and in my life.  

Pavel, I wish you only “ALPHA” zone hits in the shooting heaven forever. Rest in peace!


Adam Tyc, two time World Champion and two time European Champion in IPSC shooting:

For me, Pavel is the icon of success of the Czech IPSC. When I was starting in 2001, I was completely enthralled when watching footage from the 1999 World Championship in the Philippines and hearing the Czech anthem for the first time at such an event. When Pavel stepped onto the podium to collect his gold medal, I felt that he just confirmed that it was very possible for Czechs to become IPSC World Champions. He was, and for me will remain to be, the pioneer of Czech IPSC success in the world.


Václav Vacek, one of the founders of Czech practical shooting:

Although Pavel was an adversary, he was always willing to give advice and a helping hand. We shared many happy moments together, full of fun and determination to succeed. I was planning to see him but I was too late. 

I wish you a steady hand up there in heaven!


Roman Šedý, Czech Republic IPSC President:

It was Pavel who introduced me to IPSC shooting. He was the one who spent many hours with me at a shooting range and it was he who taught me to teach shooting as well... I have passed it on to others and so the success goes on... Jasánek, thank you!



Pavel Jasanský, the World Champion (second left) as a member of the silver Czech team at the XII World Shoot in the Philippines


The XII World Shoot trophy from 1999