CZ and Rheinmetall to supply the Czech Army with new grenades

ATM 1/2018 (Czech Republic)

CZ, which has won the tender due to the best price bid, will supply the Czech Army with new modern hand grenades. The grenades will be manufactured by Rheinmetall Waffe Munition, CZ’s long-time strategic partner. However, according to Petr Vávra, the Head of the Military Department in CZ, the company plans to transfer the production of the new grenades to the Czech Republic, apart from other things, it is also in case of mobilization and state crises. In this regard, the company expects to cooperate with another company, Explosia. The new grenades will be equipped with a time delay that initiates the grenade within 4-5 seconds. Compared to the currently used URG 86 and F1 types, the new grenades are smaller and significantly lighter, thereby increasing the comfort for the soldier when wearing body armour, or allowing them to carry more grenades. The “fragmentation” variant weighs about 340 grams and the “concussion” variant only about 180 grams (the URG 86 weighs 430 g and at 600 g, the F1 is even heavier). In addition, despite the decrease in weight, the pressure wave achieved with the new grenade is larger and more effective, and in the case of the fragmentation grenade, the number of fragments has increased from about 1,200 to about 3,500. The Czech army was lacking the concussion grenades, in particular for use in built-up areas and for penetration into buildings as well as special structures. The supply of grenades will also include drill and training variants, as well as documentation for training and other uses.