The Paralympic dream in the making

Last Saturday, Soběšice in Brno saw a group of six disabled sports athletes begin a journey to their Olympic dream. In 2024, the Paralympic games in Paris will include a new discipline – the Para trap.

Out of the seventy applicants, six successful shooters got to meet their mentors who will guide them on this long journey to Paris – David Kostelecký, who won gold for the trap in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the coach, Robin Daněk.

The Paralympians will train under the auspices of the non-profit organization Cesta za snem z.s., who organize unique sports and outdoor activities for people with various disabilities. Heřman Volf, the founder of ‘Cesta za snem’ says: “I see tremendous potential in the collaboration with Česká zbrojovka and the CZ Shooting team. We are on the threshold of a whole new sport division for disabled people. It feels great to be a part of it and help to elevate this sport to the Paralympics. For the past ten years we have strived to integrate the disabled into our society through sport. There is a wide community of enthusiasts who help us in this endeavour and we are very happy to know that one of them will most probably also become the future Czech representative in the Para trap.”

As a proud partner of the para trap team, CZ shall supply the shooters with the necessary shotguns, the Brno Competition specials. Our thanks go to all the candidates, the event organizers, and to David Kostelecký and Robin Daněk for their time, kindness and willingness to help. We wish you all lots of luck on your journey to Paris.

Trap is a shooting discipline in which a shooter fires a shotgun at targets that are commonly known as pigeons. They are discs made of clay or a mixture of pitch and chalk, which measure 108 mm in diameter and are 12 mm thick. The targets are thrown from a trap on a shooting range, at a speed of 30 meters per second to a distance of 15 meters or further, to the left, to the right and in a straight direction from the point of view of the shooter. Shooters fire at 150 targets, for the first 125 targets the shooter has 2 rounds for each, for the last 25 targets one round per target is allowed.

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Martin Rota a CZ Brno Competition