Zdeněk Liehne and Robin Šebo South African Champions!

Between the 18th and 19th March 2017, Cape Town held the SA Handgun Championships in IPSC shooting. Zdeněk Liehne and Robin Šebo from the CZ Shooting Team won gold in the Standard and Production divisions!

IPSC shooting is a booming, attractive and at the same time also a very tough shooting sport which places high demands on the shooters with regard to speed, accuracy and coordination of movement. For almost two decades, the world’s best shooters have included members of the CZ Shooting Team who regularly take part in major international competitions and who just as regularly occupy the top ranks.

Most recently, it was the South African championships which took place during the third weekend in March. Under the hot African sun, more than 300 shooters competed in a total of 18 extremely challenging situations. Those wearing jerseys with the CZ logo were pretty experienced and coped with the climatic conditions very well, sailing to victory in the Production and Standard Divisions. Robin Šebo won gold with the CZ SHADOW 2 pistol and Zdeněk Liehne with the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS Orange special in .40 S&W cal. They could not have wished for a better start to the new shooting season.

Another excellent result was also achieved by Miroslav Havlíček who took part in the Open Division with the CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE. Despite having to use a completely different kind of ammunition due to problems with transport, he won an excellent third place in the overall score of this division. In the Production/Senior division, the winner was Robert Hopper with the CZ SHADOW 2, a South African also shooting in the colours of CZ.

Česká zbrojovka a.s would like to offer many congratulations to the winners and extend their thanks to all the organizers and other participants in the South African Championships for a great event.

From the results:


  1. Robin Šebo, CZ Shooting Team
  2. Thomas Affleck
  3. Alex Gogos


  1. Zdeněk Liehne, CZ Shooting Team
  2. Justin Peacock
  3. Keith Rolls

OPEN Division

  1. Thomas Montgomery
  2. Eddie E. Smith
  3. Miroslav Havlíček, CZ Shooting Team

Robin Sebo

Robin Šebo

Zdenek Liehne

Zdeněk Liehne

Miroslav Havlicek

Miroslav Havlíček